April 29, 1993
• On April 6, the young children of Fairfax R-3 School District participated in a Student Identification Program. Preschool through eighth graders were videotaped, photographed, and fingerprinted. The records will be kept on file in the school office in case they are ever needed.
• Jake Johnson and Erin Sweatman, both of Fairfax, captured 1st place honors at the 1-mile kid Pelican Pursuit run. The 8th Annual Pelican Pursuit raised $8,600.

April 25, 1968
• Four lucky people collected $140 in the third jackpot drawing in Fairfax Saturday afternoon, as a large crowd gathered to watch the activity. W.L. Harrington was winner of the top money, $50. Mrs. Elvera Smith also won $50 since no one claimed last week’s $25 prize. John Atkins was rewarded for his faithful daily registration when he was named winner of $30. Mrs. Denny White received $10.
• Several episodes of severe wind and storm warnings during the week resulted in at least some property damage. A strong gusty wind Friday night collapsed a hay barn on the Mildred Curry farm and tore a porch awning from the Denny White home, among other damage.

April 30, 1943
• The Missouri House of Representatives has adopted without dissent a resolution by Dr. J.A. Gray which provides for the setting up of a five-member committee to investigate charges that federal improvement projects on the Missouri River are the cause of the frequent and disastrous floods along that stream. Gray of Atchison County was named chairman of the committee.
• More than 300,000 baby carriages will be made during the next two months to help meet the anticipated demand for 900,000 this year. In addition, 163,500 strollers, baby walkers, and sulkies are authorized for manufacture by June 30.