The RPHS Band received a I Superior rating at the All-State Band Large Ensemble Festival in Platte City, Mo.  Band members include: front row, left to right, Sophie Parrish, Liven Schockenhoff, Gretchen Tharp, Mystie Robinson, Ben Lucas, Mercer Deatz, Kaycee Davis and Ally Demott; second row, Brett Gayler Jared Thomas, Josie Watkins and Ayden Wilroy; third row, Rebekah Lucas, Summer Greenwalt, Ashleigh King, Beth Davis, Cody Davis, Scarlett Kish, and Fischer Tharp; back row, Remington Stoner, Jack Raison, Max Jackson, Tori Jordan, RyAnne Herron, Harlee Pritt, Johnny Davis, Alivia Baucom, Ethan Lucas and Sophie Brumbaugh.

Submitted by Abby N. Palmer, Band & Choir Director, Rock Port School District

On Wednesday, April 4,  2018, the Rock Port High School Concert Band traveled to Platte City, Mo., for the All-State Band Large Ensemble Festival. Bands are given 20 minuets  to warm up, 20  minutes  to perform 2 prepared pieces, and then 20 minutes  to sight-read a piece.
The band has been working hard on their prepared pieces. “Their second piece, Lightning Field, by John Mackey, is the hardest piece the students have ever read. They did a great job!”said Abby Palmer.
Rock Port Junior High Band students Riley Walker, Lily Smith, and Zoey Hurst were in Platte City to help the High School Band out by playing thunder tubes for Lightning Field.
The band received a I Superior rating, which is the highest rating bestowed in the festival. This is the second time in 3 years RPHS Band has received a “I” rating! It was a great day to be a Blue Jay!