The Watson Quilters called our last meeting off. Save this date: May 26th. This is the Watson Alumni Banquet. Our theme this year will be “Bingo Night.” Yes, you could win a prize. Come on over. Honored classes will be 1948 and 1958.
I read that a lady and her daughters saw sasquatch in the woods in California. The Department of Fish and Wildlife told her it was a bear, so she’s going to sue them. Hey, one hardly ever gets to see Bigfoot, and they want to take that away from her?
I haven’t seen him lately. Well, I never did actually see him; I more like HEARD him.
I also read where a lady actually made friends with one. Well, he put words in her head. Probably a UFO.
Mine never spoke, when I said I heard him, I meant they would slap the trees with clubs to warn the others we were coming. Sure, Tom told me it was the trees popping from cold weather, but I didn’t believe him for a minute. I could detect a certain “beat” in all that popping. It was them alright.