The Fairfax second grade students took a trip to their local Farmers State Bank, located in downtown Fairfax, Missouri. Through their reading series, the students learned how they use money. This topic expanded into making budget plans, creating saving accounts and where money goes when it is old! The students were interested in this topic and where else is there to learn more about money than the bank! The students were welcomed by the staff and given a tour as well as provided important details related to money. The students had a blast, and if you have visited FSB in Fairfax, you know, no child can leave without a sucker! Pictured is the Fairfax second grade class, from left to right: front row – Ian Brown, Knox Oswald, Lataveon Brown, and Miss Harrington; middle row – Avery Alvarez, Leila Knight, Ace Allen, and Ryder Wolfe; and back row – Emma Vance, Jaxson Smith, Tyler Duering, Brady Umbarger, and Carley Graham.