The following letters were written by Rock Port High School and Jr. High students for Teacher Appreciation Week (May 6 – 12, 2018).

Dear Mrs. Kerri Acton,
Thank you for being a great teacher, play director, listener, advice giver, and person all around. Thank you for loving me even when I don’t know how to use commas or spell. I really missed Appreciation of Literature this year and I hope we can read some more Jane Austen next year! Thank you for being so nice to my sister when she hit your car lol. We appreciate everything you do for the play. It is one of my favorite parts of the year. Thank you for giving so much of your time to the play! We love your positivity and generosity and are so thankful to have you at our school.
Kelcie Gaines

Dear Mrs. Bebb,
I really appreciate all the time that you put in to make us understand new concepts and comprehend novels. Some books we have read, I would have never read if you didn’t have us read them. I’m really glad that I have read the books you have chosen for us.
You are a wonderful teacher, and I always look forward to your classes. I hope that I get to be in your class for the rest of high school, and I’m looking forward to all of the books we will read. On this teacher appreciation day, I appreciate all my teachers and I really appreciate you.
Thanks for being awesome,
Beth Davis
P.S. I’m sorry for all of the errors that are in this.

Dear Mrs. Burke,
I would like to thank you for being there for me whenever I needed someone to talk to and help me study for tests. You’re always going to be there for me no matter what obstacles come my way. I always feel a bit happier when you help me out with the things I need help with and you always helped me stay on track.
Lilith Laing
P.S. I hope that you’ll have better days after you read this.

Hello Mrs. Eickhoff,
You are GREAT!
Words can’t really explain how great of a teacher Mrs. Eickhoff is. When Mrs. Eickhoff was away when she was pregnant it was so hard to do art especially when you really need to have a great teacher to be teaching you to be able to do the art. When she came back it was like art had a totally different meaning. Any questions you have about art she knows the answer to, any problems you’re having making it, she knows how to solve, and all around she’s just great at everything that comes to Art. She also knows how to make people feel good about what they’re doing, or even how their day is going. Mrs. Eickhoff is such a great person and I’m so glad that we all get to have her in our lives. Thank you Mrs. Eickhoff for being such a great, considerate wonderful, wonderful, wonderful person.

Lots of love,
Preston Jones

Dear Mrs. Gaines,
I have only had you for this semester, but you have been very nice and helped me a lot. I appreciate when you go through and help me retype my mistakes on excel. You have helped me with all of the instructions that I don’t understand. So thank you!!

Erika E.

Dear Mr. Gebhards,
I really appreciate everything you have done for me this year. Your kindness, and most importantly patience, have helped push me through the year. Clearly math isn’t my best subject, but I would like to thank you for never giving up on me when I ask dumb questions that probably leave you with the question, “How did she make it to my class?” in your head. I’m so glad I got the opportunity to be taught by you this year.

Rachel Vogler

P.S. I will definitely be thanking you when I’m a math professor at Stanford because we both know it will happen.

Dear Mrs. Goins,
I’m sorry for making you put up with me, but I thank you for being a very nice teacher to everyone whether  you like them or not. You inspire me with your words and your funny life stories. Thank you for letting us cook in the kitchen for fun and experiments.
Gabriel Abbott

Dear Mr. Hastert,
Thank you for being my Ag teacher and FFA advisor. I truly enjoy all that we do in your class and all that you do for the Conduct team.
I enjoy that we are able to spend 4th quarter in the shop building. I’m not the best “wood worker person,” but I do my best. It’s always fun to see how much of a disaster it’s going to be when I attempt to build a chair. Thank you for your encouraging comments on my building skills.
Also thank you for taking your own time to work with the Conduct team. We all appreciate it and everything you do for us. FFA is my favorite organization I’m in, it by far teaches you more life skills than any of the others.
Thank you for your patience with my class in Ag, for all you do for the Conduct team and being the FFA advisor.
Lauren Kelly

In my senior year, I have been helped, guided, and taught by many wonderful teachers. The one teacher to show all three of these traits is Ms. Heitman. She has taught me in Biology, Chemistry, and Anatomy. During her classes, she loves to make hilarious jokes and she loves to help students with their work. Ms. Heitman is someone I look up to and I hope other students feel the same way. I feel sad because knowing that I won’t always remember how she would get excited about gardening and I will forever be grateful that Ms. Heitman is in my life.
Sophie Parrish

Dear Mr. Hendrickson,
I hope our class is not too much of a hassle to handle because I really like your class and the teacher. Your class is fun and enjoyable to be in. You are a good teacher. This year I came into seventh grade hating almost every class, especially Social Studies. When we went to your classroom for the first time you were so inviting and welcoming. That really changed my perspective of the class.
I love how many hands on activities you do and how you make learning the lessons easier and not so boring. Thank you for trying to help me with my grades. I know I just sit and do my work but I enjoy going to your class 5th hour. I hope you’re going to keep up whatever you’re doing and have a great year!
Sincerely, Lily Smith

Dear  T. Herron,
I love joking and debating with you over non important and important subjects. You are my favorite person to debate with. I also want to thank you for assisting me with being ready for ROTC and planning for the military in my future. I love your class and how you teach it. Keep doing you T.
Ayden Wilroy

Dear Mrs. Jenkins,
I assume this won’t be your only letter, but I hope this one might stick out. When I first started my volleyball career, I didn’t know how to push myself, I didn’t know what it meant to be a Blue Jay; after my two years in junior high I improved not only in the physical aspect but in the personal aspect also. Even when I thought that I couldn’t do something or couldn’t achieve my goal, you were right there 110% of the way.
You never let me doubt myself, and whenever I got down I could also depend on you to pick me right back up. A teacher and or coach like you is hard to find – someone who cares and is nice but can still put their foot down when they need to. One aspect that I look up to you for is your patience and motivation. Lord knows that we had rough times in volleyball, but you’re very patient and courteous when it came to getting back into the groove.
It always seems as if you always know exactly what to say and when to say it. I know that I can come to you in times of need and still feel comfortable and secure. I can’t always trust people but I have faith that I can go to you when in times of need. I just wanted to let you know that you are highly appreciated by not only me, but an abundance of the students and faculty of this school.
Johnny Davis

Dear Senora Miller,
I have decided to write this letter not only because I love Spanish but also because I appreciate everything you do for our foreign language program.
I can tell how important it is to you to have your students know the five elements to learning any language. Also how quickly they can learn if they study correctly.
I was interested in Spanish before I was in junior high and my interest for it grew when I got to your class. Thank you for helping me to find something else in my life that I love and look forward to.
Darius (Graciela) Skillen

Mr. Moore is one of the best, if not the best, math teacher in northwest Missouri. My knowledge of math has expanded greatly since I first sat in one of his classes a year ago. But that is not the only reason I appreciate Mr. Moore. I enjoy his attitude and his comedic views on life. Mr. Moore makes math fun and enjoyable for all of his students. Math is one of my favorite subjects and I owe that to Mr. Moore. Thank you.
Mercer Deatz

Dear Mrs. Palmer,
As you know it’s teacher appreciation week, and I chose to write about you along with another teacher. I know that we can get really annoying, yelling, talking when we aren’t supposed to, but yet you still get up in the morning and come to school to deal with us. I personally wanted to thank you for doing that.
You having the baby and all you deal with a lot of stress. Being a band teacher, that just adds up. Every day help me become a better musician, and even a singer. When I was in the 5th grade, when I didn’t have a trumpet, you let me use yours. Also in sixth grade when I refused to play by myself in front of people, or even just my class you encouraged me to play and now I play in front of people no matter what. Once again thank you, Mrs. Palmer.
Taylor Pruett

Dear Mr. Parsons,
I wanted to let you know just how thankful I am that you are in my life because you  have helped me in many ways. One of the most important ways you have helped me is with math. I would not be anywhere near as good at math as I am without your help. You were my favorite teacher in sixth grade. Then, I came to junior high and you still are my favorite. My seventh grade year was my first year doing track and at first I was so nervous. You helped me my entire seventh grade year, and still continue to help me this year. You are always pushing not only me, but all of my teammates to work harder and be the best we can be. Thank you so much for being such an amazing teacher and coach!
Kierstyn Jakub

Dear Mr. Shineman,
In honor of teacher appreciation week I have chosen to write to you. You are a great P.E. teacher, and basketball coach. You are one of my favorite teachers, if not my favorite. I love your class. When I get up in the morning I tell my mom I am excited for P.E. You have helped me a lot with various things. I wish P.E. was a full week class instead of three days a week. I hope you keep doing what you are doing.
Thank you,
Aidan Burke

I have had the opportunity to not only have Mr. Skillen as a teacher but as well as a basketball coach. He has been my teacher for three years and my basketball coach for four years. I have learned so much from him whether it be about school work, basketball or life in general. I am so grateful for all the lessons he has taught me throughout my high school career as well as the memories that I will forever cherish. He has taught me more than just about being a better basketball player but to be a better leader and to work hard for what you want. Mr. Skillen is very intelligent about almost anything, he always tells little facts at practice while we were getting ready or in his class. He is also very funny. He would always crack a few jokes and never failed to laugh at his own jokes. His laugh is contagious. I appreciate all the time and effort he has put into being a teacher and an amazing coach. Thank you Coach Skillen.
Catyn Chamberlain

Dear Mrs. Ungles,
Thank you for always being spunky and upbeat. Your positive attitude always helps others have better days when they are feeling down. Your constant help with decorating the halls for homecoming is greatly appreciated. Even though you are only here for half of the day, you still manage to make a positive impact on each of us every day. You were my dance sponsor for four years now, and for that I am thankful. Than you  Mrs. Ungles, for all you do at our school.
Abbie Hale
P.S. you might want to cut down on the glitter, your addiction is getting out of hand.

Dear Mrs. Skillen,
If any teacher deserves a letter of thanks and appreciation, it is you! When I first joined Mass Media, I didn’t know what to expect. The only thing I knew was I was excited to have a class with you once again. After a few weeks, it easily became my favorite class. Even though it may not seem like it, I am truly ecstatic to go to my first hour class every Monday through Friday. You helped me find a way to access my creativity and be myself in my world. You are incredibly knowledgable and there is no way my passion for Mass Media would exist without you. Aside from your best class ever, I also want to thank you for your dedication and organization towards the class. The junior class owes you a swarm of thanks and probably several dollars worth of paint. All in all, no letter will ever be able to hold all of the admiration I have for you. Hopefully one day I will be able to pay you back for all of the help you have given me inside and out of the classroom.
With Love,
Riley Vogler