With the school year winding down and the summer about to begin it means that it is almost time to do our 3 saturation issues! Our issues are scheduled to run June 15, August 17 and September 14! The saturations are a huge deal for our tri-state advertisers. The reason for this is because everyone in the county will receive this paper whether they have a subscription or not! So businesses have the opportunity to reach people in other areas of the county that they may not have been able to reach before. The plus side with this paper also is that is filled with tons of local content that people are eager to read which in turn puts your advertising right in front of their eyes.
Deadline to place an ad in these issues will be for June- June 7; August- August 9; and September- September 6. Cost is $7.50 per column inch PLUS we are offering color 50% OFF!! So if you are interested in spreading your business to other areas, please contact either Stephanie Shineman or Tasha Hurst at (660) 744-6245 or amail@rpt.coop!! We look forward to speaking with you!