Zaine Toneske

Zaine Toneske has hit 17 home runs in just 16 games for his Little League team this season so far. Add that to the other home runs he’s hit on various teams he plays on and it’s a total of 29 home runs this year.  At just 12 years old, his future in baseball is looking very bright.


It’s not every day a 12-year-old scores so big that scouts are already putting him on their radar.
However, that’s exactly what is happening to Zaine Toneske, who broke New Jersey’s Holbrook Little League home run record in one season.
Zaine is the son of Rick and Shelly Toneske and the grandson of Terry Carlisle, Tarkio and O.L. and Cheryl Chastain, Fairfax.
Zaine is a star hitter on several teams in New Jersey. He plays for Holbrook Little League and is a member of Holbrooks 12U Allstar Team, Frazier Sox Elite, Diamond Kings & Christa McAuliffe Middle School.
Zaine won the local MLB Junior Home Run Derby, where he competed at the 14 and under level and will move on to Regionals in July. Regional Champions will advance and have the opportunity to compete in the National Finals during Major League Baseball All-Star Week.
He was invited to attend the Perfect Game Series in July in Fort Meyers, FL. The Perfect Game Series is an individual, invitation only tournament designed to bring together top-level talent from across the US, as well as representatives from international countries.
He will be attending the Cooperstown Baseball tournament with his Diamond Kings team in August. Cooperstown Baseball is a premier, international tournament where players experience college baseball style games and amenities. Players who attend the tournament are inducted into the Youth Baseball Hall of Fame.
Zaine beat the 16 home run record in the Holbrook Little League, hitting his 17th home run on Saturday, June 9, 2018.  That’s 17 home runs in just 16 games. When he’s not sending baseballs over the fence, Zaine plays first baseman, pitcher and third baseman.