The children learned about how quickly sound can travel and how sounds pass through solids, liquids, and gasses. Helping with this experiment are Jack Lotter, Emoree Green, Alley Sharpless, Jadyn Geib, and Piper Lotter.

The memorial building in Rock Port was packed with 86 children and 18 adult chaperones Thursday, June 14, for the Atchison County Library’s Mad Science event. Mad Scientist Jason taught the children about sounds and sound vibrations.
He demonstrated how sound can change depending on the length of the object it’s traveling through or the type of the object, or gas, or liquid. He also demonstrated how sound can change depending on whether it’s moving through cold air or warm air. The kids also learned about how fast or slow sound takes to travel over distances. The kids were able to participate in many of these experiments.
The mad science theme of “Libraries Rock” carries over to the Summer Reading Programs that will take place in July at all three libraries in Atchison County. Be sure to call your local library to sign your children up for a reading experience that rocks (Tarkio – 660-736-5832; Rock Port – 660-744-5404; and Fairfax – 660-686-2204)!