The Atchison County Mail is honored that our readers lend an ear each week as we tell them the news in our community. Now, we are turning the table and asking them to lend us a hand. is a great place for us to reach more people with the news and the more people we reach, the more news they will want to hear. That is why we have equipped with features to help us keep in touch with what is going on in our communities.
We are excited to share our new “Community Calendar,” a free, comprehensive, community-wide event calendar, covering anything that is happening in Atchison County that people need to know about. Since the Atchison County Mail employees only have so many eyes and ears, we welcome anyone to share their events with us, via the form that is now on the website. Next to the calendar you will see “Submit an event for the Community Calendar” which will take you to a form where you can enter information about your event and send it directly to us. Events will go live on the website as soon as they are approved. Photos must still be emailed to
Additionally, anyone can send us story ideas via the “Submit News” button in the submenu. This is a great place to send announcements, story ideas, event coverage and photos. Though this is not a place to send advertisements, we are happy to take those requests at 660-744-6245 or Another great way to connect with the Atchison County Mail is on Facebook and Twitter.
With these new features, we expect there to be more activity on our website, which is why we are reaching out to businesses about digital advertising on As the use of our website grows, so does the opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience. Website banner ads are a great way to double the effectiveness of your ad by placing it both in print and online. Plus, we have the data to prove that your ads are being seen. For more information about digital ads, call or email the Atchison County Mail.