Participants of the 4h/FFA speed show line up with their horses: left to right:  Raylynn Jenkins (Fancy), Ashton Dunkle (Apache), Hannah Brown (Peanut) Charlie Smith (Star) and Rylee (Magic)

2018 4-H Fair Queen Josie King and King Cowen O’Riley (presented trophies to the winners of the speed show: Youth High Point winner Charlie Smith, riding Star, and Senior High Point winner Rylee Jenkins, riding Magic.

Josie King holding Elaina Kroeger on Jenkins’ horse, Fancy and Rylee and Markie Gaines on Magic. Elaina Kroeger and Markie Gaines participated in the Pee Wee Open Jackpot.

Jessica Livengood rides her horse, Roberta, in the open jackpot event. Jessica is an avid barrel racer who travels to races and rodeos all over.

The events and times are:

Poles (8-11 year olds): Charlie Smith, 37.6 (seconds)

Poles (12-18 year olds): Rylee Jenkins,28.91, Hannah Brown, 33.57, Ashton Dunkle, 39.47

Poles (3-7 year olds): Raylynn Jenkins, 38.89

Barrels (8-11 year olds) Charlie Smith, 29.68

Barrels  (12-18 year olds): Rylee Jenkins (riding Magic), 20.94, Hannah Brown, 23.26, Rylee Jenkins (riding Lena), 28.02, Ashton Dunkle, 32.47

Barrels (3-7 year olds): Raylynn Jenkins, 25.3

Key Hole (8-11 year olds): Charlie Smith, 18.35

Key Hole (12-18 year olds): Rylee Jenkins, 14.13, Hannah Brown, 15.47, Ashtyn Dunkle, 15.85

The open jackpot speed show entries were: Elaina Kroeger, Stevie Gaines, Reagan Cope, Raylynn Jenkins, Josie King and Markie Gaines, Jessica Livengood, Rachel Jenkins, Katey Kroeger and Mary Kahn.

Open Barrel Results, Seniors: Jessica Livengood, 18.96,  Rachel Jenkins, 20.6, Mary Kahn, 29.83, Katey Kroeger, 34.27

Open Barrel Results, Youth: Rylee Jenkins, 21.17, Raylynn Jenkins, 30.46

Open Barrel Results, Pee Wee: Elaina Kroeger,63.56,  Steve Gaines, 52.93, Josie King, 46.75, Reagan Cope, 48.75, Markie Gaines, 61.24