The cast of Missoula Children’s Theatre King Arthur’s Quest

Sir Kay, the Blue Knight: Ryan Paris
Sir Erec, the Yellow Knight: Gabe Gebhards
Ghost: Willa Lester


King Arthur: Claire Martin
Sir Lancelot: Bo Peregrine
Guinevere: Tommi Lee Martin



Taleisin: Drew Sanders
Merlin: Natalie Coughlin



Lady of the Lake: Kendal Straub


Recalcitrant Giant: Jen Sinnen


Damsels In Distress: Beth Clark, Macy Stepp, Maddie Cox, Jillian Hannah, Reagan Lester, and Raelee Russell


King Arthur: Zeke Gebhards
Mini Guinevere: Graceyn Reeves
Mini Sir Lancelot: Eli Cox


More Minis: Silas Lester, Sophie Hegstrom, Owen Vette, Brynna Alsup,
and Rogan Russell


Camelotian: Savanna Lindsay


The Missoula Children’s Theatre, in partnership with the Mule Barn Theatre Guild, put on a smashing production of King Arthur’s Quest last weekend in Tarkio. The musical featured area children playing the parts of King Arthur, Lancelot, Guinevere, Merlin, Lady of the Lake, knights, townspeople, damsels, and more as they overcome troubles in medieval England. The guild, along with many local businesses, organizations, and individuals, have sponsored the summer musical event for the past 16 years.
The cast of characters included: King Arthur – Claire Martin; Guinevere – Tommi Lee Martin; Sir Lancelot – Bo Peregrine; Merlin – Natalie Coughlin; Taleisin – Drew Sanders; Ghost – Willa Lester; Mordred – Bennett Ruchaber; Morgan Le Fey – Alex Barnett; Lady of the Lake – Kendal Straub; The Knights of the Round Table: Sir Galahad, the White Knight – Austin Helfers, Sir Kay, the Blue Knight – Ryan Paris, and Sir Erec, the Yellow Knight – Gabe Gebhards; Damsels in Distress – Maddie Cox, Beth Clark, Jillian Hannah, Reagan Lester, Raelee Rusell, and Macy Stepp; The White Squire – Brady Cox; The Blue Squire – Teahen Hannah; The Yellow Squire – Ian Stepp; Camelotians, Citizens of Camelot – Ava Berls, Treyton Brown, Velicity Hegstrom, Jacob Lester, Savanna Lindsay, Jax Peregrine, Kade Pridell and Isaac Vette; The Minis – Brynna Alsup, Eli Cox, Sophie Hegstrom, Zeke Gebhards, Silas Lester, Caroline Powell, Graceyn Reeves, Rogan Russell, Teagan Taylor, and Owen Vette; Keeper of the Keep, Recalcitrant Giant, Intractable Dragon – Jen Sinnen; Director – Hayley Procacci; Tarkio Director – Will Ratcliff; Assistant Directors – Sophia Martin and Jae Barnett; and Accompanist – Melody Barnett.