August 5, 1993
• The headline across the front page of the Fairfax Forum read “…and the 6th day we flushed.” When the Fairfax Forum was rushed off at noon last Tuesday to print, the town of Fairfax was still looking at water, but none coming from the faucets. The town’s efforts to sand bag the waterworks was all in vain, the floodwaters took control. Fairfax has many elderly residents so young men went to their homes and flushed stools to help them that way. Port-a-potties were brought into town, three were left at the city park and two were left at the Fair Haven apartments.
August 1, 1968
• The Atchison County 4-H Achievement Day was held on July 23 and 24 at the Tarkio grade school. Several rooms were filled with exhibits of 4-H projects having been completed during the present club year. The quality of this year’s displays and performances was excellent.
• Kiwanians were favored with a from-the-cuff talk by Supt. Harold Kottman at the regular Tuesday luncheon at the Presbyterian Church. He reminisced in respect to his career in athletics and school work and divulged some of his beliefs in the operation of an institution of learning.
August 6, 1943
• Major Glade Bilby, son of Mr. and Mrs. John S. Bilby of near Skidmore, was in the battle for Sicily when his plane developed engine trouble and he had to bail out at a height of 2,000 feet, about 20 miles off the toe of the Italian boot. He floated 20 hours in his rubber boat before he was sighted and picked up. Major Bilby is commander of an American Warhawk squadron that has been doing patrol duty around Sicily. He has been in the headlines several times since he reached the war zone and is credited with dropping the first American bomb on the Germans in the Egyptian campaign.
• Inspirational – “Noah was 600 years old before he knew how to build an ark – don’t lose your grip.” Elbert Hubbard