August 19, 1993
• Sue Klute of Tarkio won one of four trips for two to Hawaii. Sue and a guest will get to stay seven days and six nights at a Royal Outrigger hotel in Waikiki. She won this trip on behalf of Hy-Vee, Dole Food Company, and the Outrigger Waikiki. The trip includes airfare and lodging.
August 15, 1968
• A loan check in the amount of $150,000 was delivered to James B. Shaum, President of Tarkio Golf Club, Inc., to construct a nine hole golf course. The loan is for a 40 year period at an interest rate of 5%.
• Just before noon Tuesday, a pickup equipped with a sleeper and headed to Utah pulled into a Tarkio service station. Two men in the truck cab used the facilities at the station and then paid the bill for gas and got back into the truck and drove off. They had been departed a matter of minutes when a woman came out of the facility and with fright in her voice, asked what had happened to the pickup with the sleeper. The service station attendant sized up the situation and called the Sheriff’s Office and reported that a tourist had inadvertently left his wife at the station. The truck was located and stopped on Highway 275 north of Rock Port. The officers asked the men where their female companion was and they replied that she was asleep in the sleeper, but when they checked they found that she was missing. The men returned to the Tarkio station, picked up the woman, and lit out for Utah, after counting heads just to make sure.
August 20, 1943
• What is thought to be the largest land transaction in recent years in Atchison County was completed Friday, August 13, when S.J. Peterson of Fairfax purchased a tract of 837 acres of Tarkio bottom land from Jess Phelps of Iowa. The land extends from the Templeton farm on the north to highway No. 4 on the south. Mr. Peterson has proved that Tarkio bottom land can be made floodproof by his system of levees which he employed to protect the farm south of the just purchased. He plans to begin building a levee along the east bank of the West Tarkio River in the near future and is planning to contact officials of the C.A.A. at an early date with the idea of cooperating with their desires to further protect the government airfield which is included in the land purchased by him.
• State Auditor Smith has a story that is really one in the class with Ripley’s. A Missouri soldier in North Africa wrote back to his girlfriend that after the fall of Tunis and when they had a breathing spell to mingle with the native Arabs, he met an old Arab chieftain who told him he had many ancient and valuable coins which he would sell at a bargain. The Missourian was surprised and shocked to discover that when the chief poured out a heap of coins, Roman, Phoenician, Egyptian, and Turkish, that amidst the coins was a Missouri mill tax coin. Auditor Smith says that he has hunted the state over for the little disappearing tokens and found them in a lot of unlikely places, but that one should turn up in an Arabian chieftain’s money sack was almost unbelieveable.