Submitted by Georgia Gilley

The TEC Club met August 14, 2018, on a marvelous rainy day. After shaking raindrops off and storing umbrellas, the games began. I knew it was going to be a good day for me when I heard the raindrops on the roof. It was. I won high. Merylan Lowery won second high and Janell McQuinn had low score. Pitch is important but today was also hand lotion sampling day. It was noted that one had to visit the bathroom three times in order to sample the three hand lotions in Martha’s bathroom. We had to sniff hands and offer an opinion. There’s always room for a little hilarity at pitch.
Norma Bradfield was hostess. She was smiling when the entire group broke out in high praises for her dessert choice. It was a banana split, not quite like the soda fountain one, but with the same ingredients in layers. The ice cream was a layer, the chocolate another layer, the bananas, another, etc. etc. and topped with a bing cherry nestled in a bed of whipped topping. Oh my!
Conversation never stops and along with the three lotions, Martha also has a large, front loading washer and this sparked a lengthy conversation with only one member pleased with the washer she now owns. After many different complaints were made, it was decided that the designing of washing machines should definitely be in the hands of women engineers. The rain stopped, and we left in great spirits having aired our grievances and pampered our hands.