Ashley Christian with Chris and Chris Sticken, escorted by Brooklyn Jakub.

Cheerleader Beth Davis escorts Kelcie Gaines with Seth and Cindie Gaines.

Gavin Abbott with Eric and Michelle Abbott, escorted by Johnny Davis.

Zachary Clauson with his mom Jennifer Blakeman escorted by cheerleader Lauren Kelly.

Trejan Criger with Clint Criger and Jaclyn Lutz, escorted by Brooklyn Jakub. 

Brett Gayler and his mom Rhonda Gayler, escorted by cheerleader Lauren Kelly.

Johnny Davis escorts Pastor David and Liz  Klappenbach with their son, Preston Klappenbach.

Brock Martin and his parents, Reed and Staci Martin, escorted by Makenna Farmer.

Todd and Tricia Stevens with their son, Dalton Stevens, escorted by Rachel Vogler.

Riley Vogler with her parents, Phil and Jennifer Vogler, escorted by her sister, Rachel Vogler.

Cheerleader Beth Davis escorts Jerry Thomas and his son Jared Thomas.

Ayden Wilroy with his parents, Monty Wilroy and Marcella Wilroy, escorted by Brooklyn Jakub.