Shaylee Sparks – Daughter of Tami Buttercase and the late Gary Sparks and sister Caci Sparks

Katy Baker – Daughter of Trudy and Ron Baker

Tyler Brown – Son of John and Cheryl Brown

Jimi Elder – Son of Kathy and James Elder

Max Hopkins – Son of Robin and Mike Lewis and Terry and Lori Hopkins

Shanna Gilpin – Daughter of Melissa Gilpin and Jerry Crawford and Jim Gilpin

Jordyn Hogue – Daughter of Leslie and Chris Hogue

Jimi Elder performs with the Tarkio High School band during the East Atchison football game Friday, October 19, 2018, in Tarkio.


Megan Lee – Daughter of Bill and Barbie Lee


Hannah Brown – Daughter of Larry Brown

Zach Garrison – Son of Doug and Angela Garrison

Madison Lesher – Daughter of Corey and Jennifer Lesher


Garrett Meyer – Son of Jeff and Rachel Meyer

Jayce Navin – Son of Jim and Michelle Navin

Zach Sapp – Son of Ashley Alsup and Dustin and Becky Sapp

Gage McAdams – Son of Melissa and Craig McAdams

Wyatt Gray – Son of Bryan and Holly Richards and the late Jeff Gray

The EA team captains during the coin toss for the game against Platte Valley on Friday, October 19, 2018.


Chloe Bruns – Daughter of Jeff and Shannon Bruns

Kaely Kirwan – Daughter of Charlie and Sarawn Kirwan


Skye Clark – Daughter of Sandy Clark and Matt Burke

Shelbey Morris – Daughter of Kelly and Billy Morris

Emily Vance – Daughter of Craig and Laura Vance

East Atchison youth cheerleaders performed cheers and stunts for the crowd at the East Atchison vs. Platte Valley football game Friday, October 19, 2018.