#BeKind was the message of Dr. Mark  and  Joni Adler, who came to Rock Port on Tuesday, October 16, and spoke to both the Rock Port and Tarkio junior high and high school students, faculty and community members.

The Adlers shared to tragic story of their son, Reid. The 15-year-old was bullied through social media, which eventually led to him taking his life.

The Adlers’ story was similar to so many families. They were involved in their children’s lives on a daily basis and never saw the signs that their son was struggling. It was all over a picture he had taken of himself and sent to a girl. The message to the kids was to let an adult know if they suspect a friend is having trouble. The worst thing to do is nothing.

Dr. Adler, Ralston School Superintendent, and his wife have shared their message with thousands as a way to help others. The #bekind and #erasehate movement is spreading throughout the midwest, encouraging students to protect each other in school, and reminding everyone to be kind to one another.

Shawn Minter also sang at the beginning of the program.

Thanks to Ronda Lingerfelt who helped organize this presentation.