November 11, 1993

• The Tarkio High School Indians’ Football Team claimed the District 16 title, a Grand River Conference win, and its third consecutive win over the Rock Port Blue Jays at Blue Jay Stadium in Rock Port, Missouri, Thursday, November 4. The win advances them to the Sectional contest against LeBlond.

November 7, 1968

• Tarkio is now much closer to the construction of low rent housing for the elderly. City officials were notified last Wednesday by Senator Stuart Symington and Congressman W.R. Hull, Jr. that the department of Housing and Urban Development has approved a $587,867 loan for the construction of 40 low rent units, all for the elderly in Tarkio.

• The Allen-Schiffern Post #199 of the American Legion and the Legion Auxiliary will hold a turkey dinner at the Legion building Sunday, November 10. Prices will be $1.50 for adults and children 12 and under eat for 75 cents.

• Wild turkeys returned to Atchison County last week after an absence of about a century. The first consignment – four vigorous toms – arrived by air at the Tarkio airport late in the afternoon, each tom in his own crate. The toms were released at the eastern edge of the Brickyard Hill public hunting preserve northwest of Rock Port. Later, four wild turkey hens were also released there.

November 12, 1943

• Betty Cooper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cooper, who was voted by the Tarkio High School Indians to be the 1943 football queen, was crowned as such by Captain Duane Bay at the parents’ day game. Miss Cooper is a member of the senior class.

• Lieut. S. Gould Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. S.J. Peterson of Fairfax, is reported missing on a flight from the West coast to a destination in the Pacific, according to word that came to his parents last week. Lieut. Peterson has been in the ferry service and it is thought that the squadron to which he was attached was bound first for Hawaii. Lieut. Peterson’s wife received word of her husband’s failure to return when crews of the other planes in the squadron returned to California.