The Rock Port Police were dispatched to the parking lot of River Rock Lanes at around 8:20 p.m. on October 31 to investigate the smell of marijuana coming from a parked van. Officer Morriss entered the parking lot from the alley side and Chief Sherwood entered from Main Street. Both officers approached the van with two males inside. Chief Sherwood went to the passenger’s side and Officer Morriss the driver’s side. At this point the two officers engaged the two men and upon questioning for identification the male in the driver’s seat exited the van and proceeded to run. A foot pursuit ensued and the suspect was lost around Calhoun Street.

At this point the Tarkio Police Department, Atchison County Sheriff’s Department, Fremont County K-9 Unit, Mills County K-9 Unit and the Atchison-Holt Ambulance were called in to assist. Following a three and a half hour search the suspect could not be found.

Following questioning of the passenger it was determined the suspect was James Scott Rash, Jr. of Mount Vernon, Missouri. After escaping, the 27 year old suspect is now believed to have stolen a car driven by Cara Livengood of Tarkio, Mo., that was located near Speedy’s Drive.

Rash was staying at the Rock Port Inn while he was working for the construction crew that is renovating the former Tarkio College Recreation Center.

To date Rash has not been apprehended. The Lawrence County Sheriff’’s Department has been notified to be on the look out.

Current charges are: Stealing of a motor vehicle as a prior offender, Stealing of credit/debit devices six counts, Possession of marijuana/synthetic 10 grams or less, Resisting and interfering with an arrest. Two are misdemeanors and the remaining are felony charges.

James Scott Rash, according to Missouri Case Net has 37 prior criminal cases in and around the Springfield and Mount Vernon, Missouri, area.