November 18, 1993

• Gertrude Johnson of Tarkio dresses chickens for many places in Tarkio. During her usual work, she happened upon a very strange thing. One of the chickens being dressed by Gertrude had approximately 25 eggs inside. Apparently the hen had been unable to lay them. Upon dressing another chicken from the same place, Gertrude came across another oddity. A hen had three very large eggs (human fist size) that had not been laid. One of these large eggs had three eggs in one shell as well.

• The Indian football team defeated LeBlond 40-20 in Sectionals, but lost to Milan 27-6 in Quarterfinals.

November 14, 1968

• An unseasonable heavy snow, 5 1/2 inches of it, caused the cancellation of the parade scheduled for Monday in observance of Veterans Day. The balloon drop was made des-pite overcast skies and 115 prizes floated down to the ones lucky enough to capture one. Charles Burke was the pilot and the balloons were dropped by Jerry Curren, chairman of the event.

• The Tarkio High School Indians, coached by Dave Palmeiro, have reached the State AA Championship playoffs. Tarkio will play Branson High School on the Southwest Missouri State College Athletic Field in Springfield, Missouri, November 23, at 1:30 p.m. The Indians have an 8-0 record and Branson has a 9-0 record. One of the Indians’ major difficulties at this time is the lack of a practice field in the area as all of the fields are covered with five inches of snow.

November 19, 1943

• Terry Ellen, 3 year old member of the Methodist Sunday school class, told her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Brooks, that she had been “spoken to” by the Sunday school teacher. “What had you done? Were you noisy?” asked her father. “No,” she answered, “Just singing.” “Was the rest of the class singing?” she was asked. “No. I was singing to myself.” “Well,” she was told, “you must sing only when the rest of the class is singing. What hymn were you singing?” “Pistol Packin’ Mamma.”

• Because of government restrictions on newsprint, the Tarkio Avalanche, for the time being, is not accepting new subscriptions as the list is growing beyond the point where a saving in newsprint is possible without this step. Those who wish to become new subscribers will be placed on the waiting list. The subscription rates are: 1 year – $2.00; 6 months –  $1.25; 3 months – $.75; single copy – $.05; men in service – $1.50 per year.