November 18, 1993

• Roger Southard was named new fire chief for the Fairfax Fire Department. He has been on the department 17 1/2 years, participated in all the training sessions and is well qualified for the position. He succeeds Dave Portis, who resigned after 16 years on the department and 13 years as fire chief.

• Receiving 275 Conference honors for football were Bulldogs Matt Smith, Marshal Oswald, Ryan Osburn, Ryan Oswald, Brian Slaughter, and Russ Brown. Receiving 275 Conference honors for volleyball were Bulldogs Dana Kem-erling, Tara Swinehart, and Dawn Collins.

November 14, 1968

• Rev. and Mrs. Clyde D. Hendricks and son, Ronnie, were honored with a reception at the Fairfax Baptist Church Sunday afternoon. The Rev. Hendricks, responding to a call from the local church, moved with his family from Morris, Illinois, last week, where he had been the pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church for two years. Rev. Hendricks has plans to visit the Holy Land in December.

November 19, 1943

• The first – eight grades presented the public with a patriotic play, “The Victory Caravan,” on Thursday evening, November 11. It was a grand performance with Barbara Wright and Ronnie Schooler having the leading parts. The Rockettes were a group of girl singers from the seventh and eighth grades. The program was under the supervision of Miss Fries, Mrs. Seikmann, Miss Uhlig, and Miss Finch.