By Georgia Gilley

The TEC Club met at Debbie Johnson’s home on a beautiful fall day. Sharon Smith and Margie O’Riley were substitutes and I drove the car pool from Fairfax after Martha rounded up Jake the pup. The snacks were great and I got lucky drawing Pam Cooper for a partner and we managed to stay at the high table all day, of course tying for high score. I love to brag. Merylan won low score. I am usual very quiet during the game, but I had to squeal when the  three saved itself when we needed it most.

Debbie was hostess and served two choices of pie, berry-berry and strawberry rhubarb with whipped topping of course. We started our conversation with remembering Mary Anne Pennel who loved to play pitch. We miss her. Then I recounted my adventure with finding a mouse nest in a tea kettle and Pam finished the animal stories telling about finding a snake as big as a python. We questioned that, but maybe it was a baby python. Then the conversation turned to planning our Christmas party. We only meet once in November and December so that kept us busy until dusk. I took my passengers on a road trip that kept their attention. The gravel road that goes east by Sharon’s place is a very scenic ride. If you enjoy scenic rides, don’t miss it. It really grabs your attention, especially over the hill tops. Have fun!