This is definitely not something you see very often. Due to the strong winds during the snowstorm that hit Sunday, November 25, 2018, the icicles formed horizontally at the Flower Mill in Tarkio. (Photo Submitted By Lydia Hurst)

AJ Melton and Kendan Melton-Davis used their day off school to help out on Rock Port Main Street, shoveling snow and clearing the sidewalks. All Atchison County area schools cancelled classes on November 26 and had late starts on November 27 due to the snow storm over the weekend. The National Weather Service reported over 8 and half inches of snow fell in Northwest Missouri on Sunday and Monday. The storm forced the closure of I-29 from St. Joseph to the Iowa line, along with Hwy. 136 and other roads. The Rock Port United Methodist Church sheltered 30 stranded travelers in its emergency shelter.