December 23, 1993

• The Tarkio High School National Honor Society held a food drive contest for grades 7-12. The seniors won the contest with 143 cans of food donated. The senior class members received a pizza party. Approximately 300 canned goods were donated by all students.

• Tarkio Community Betterment received a 30-year plaque for its participation in the Missouri Community Betterment Program.

December 19, 1968

• Thomas R. Hooper of Maryville, a cousin of LeeRoy Hooper of Tarkio, a real estate broker, transacted one of the largest real estates sales in Atchison County in recent years – the sale of an entire town. The town of Dotham, unincorporated, located east of Fairfax, was sold to a Langdon couple, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Phelps. The town, founded in 1856, at one time had a post office which was closed in 1919.

• Of the 15 Tarkio College students recently named to this year’s listing of Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges, seven are from Tarkio. They are Mrs. Karen Shields, Mrs. Pat Amaya, Mrs. Linda Lee, Mrs. Connie Crapson, Miss Janet Marti, Bill Tebbe, and Bill Gorman.

December 24, 1943

• Those of us who have seen Leland White, Byron Burg, Clarence Baker, and Peck Walkup bedecked in their white duck hunting costumes can well sympathise with an employee on the Luckhardt farm who stumbled upon them quite unexpectedly. The costumes are made of white muslin and completely cover the hunter’s body, with a sort of “parka” hood effect that leaves only the eyes exposed. This kind of camouflage for hunting in the fields when the ground is covered with snow is said to be quite effective. Imagine the surprised farm hand when he walked around a straw stack and encountered such a ghostly looking foursome. It is said that he made the first quarter of a mile in just a little less than nothing flat.