December 24, 1943

County Recorder Albert Kelly says that with the issuance of marriage licenses at a low ebb, because of the three day waiting period after applications are filed, the issuance of these documents is expected to be slowed down even more after January 1, when Missouri’s new blood-test law goes into effect. After the first of the year, couples desiring a marriage license must first secure a blood-test blank, then go to their doctor, who makes a test which is then sent to an approved Missouri lab for analysis. The result of the test must be filed with the county recorder when the application for the license is made. Then  there  must be a wait of three days before the license is issued. Another new feature of the law is that hereafter marriage licenses must be used within 10 days after issuance, whereas under the law the document was good for 89 days.

December 26, 1968

Mrs. Jerry Graves was hostess to the annual Christmas party of the CWF Tuesday. A potluck dinner was served at noon. Guests were Mrs. Ethel Taylor, Mrs. June Brooks, Mrs. Joyce Cole, Mrs. Hecker, Mrs. Hazel Buckminster, Mrs. Eola Nauman, Mrs. Dora Mabrey, Mrs. Pearl Turner and Mrs. Betty Wennihan and Deana.

New Missouri passenger car license plate to be issued in January will be white with black numbers replacing the present white with green numbers. However, there still will be many plates with green numbers on the road at the same time during 1969 because most vehicle licenses are issued in the month the license expires.

December 23, 1993

Christmas poems from Mrs. Heits’ fourth grade class:

“Little Elves Make Toys” by Bryan Carey: Little elves make toys for little girls and boys, and hide them under trees, so they can’t sneeze. Little elves make toys, they hide from boys, so they can’t see, what they got for free. Little elves make things around and around and your gift weighed a perfect pound, and he made a bell that rings.

“Presents” by Jesse Murphy: One Christmas Eve I got a ball. My sister got a doll. My cousin got a cat. While my mom got a hat. I untied a bow, so the presents I would know. My baby brother got a rocking horse and I got a race car course.

“Christmas Spirit” by Courtney Loucks: Christmas doesn’t come with bags. Christmas doesn’t come with tags. Christmas comes with love and joy. Certainly not with a big toy. Christmas time is fun time. Wrapping presents, tying bows. The good gives a tingle to your nose. So go to church and hear the chime. Go and praise Him. Christ the Lord. Don’t go working with a board. Pray all the time, night and day. Remember to pray for Him, okay?