Tarkio Elementary 5th grade band performed “Hot Cross Buns,” “Rolling Along,” and “Jingle Bells” during “A Pirate Christmas” Concert Wednesday, December 12, 2018, in the Tarkio High School Gym. (Photo by Shannon Bruns)

Santa Claus – aka River Dow – enjoys his “Pirate Christmas” stretched out on a lawn chair at the beach during Tarkio Elementary’s 4th-6th Christmas con-cert. (Photo by Shannon Bruns)

Tarkio Elementary 4th-6th grade choir members performed “A Pirate Christmas” concert Wednesday, December 12, 2018, in the Tarkio High School Gym.                              (Photo by Shannon Bruns)

The Tarkio Elementary 6th grade band performed “Jolly Old St. Nick,” “Christmas Magic,” and “Christmas for Basses” at the Christmas Con-cert. (Photo by Shannon Bruns)

The Tarkio Elementary 4th, 5th, and 6th graders donned their Christmas apparel, pirate patches, and shaggy beards for “A Pirate Christmas” Concert Wednesday, December 12, 2018, in the Tarkio High School Gym.

Under the direction of music teachers Melody Barnett and Amy Haddock and cadet teacher Shaylee Sparks, the band students performed a number of festive tunes. The 5th grade band performed a warm-up scale, followed by “Hot Cross Buns,” “Rolling Along,” and “Jingle Bells.” The 6th grade band played a major/minor chord before they got the music going with “Jolly Old St. Nick” (legato/staccato), “Christmas Magic,” and “Christmas for Basses.”

Following the band performances, the 4th graders joined the older kids for the pirate party. “A Pirate Christmas,” by John Jacobson and Roger Emerson, had the students singing “Island Christmas,” “Pirates All Are We,” “Give and Take,” “White Beard,” “Cool to be Cool,” “Christmas Joy,” “Blimey Carols,” and “A Pirates’ Christmas.”

Entertaining their parents and family with their unbelievable talent were:

4th grade choir: Bella Bywater, Grace Caudill, Beth Clark, Teahen Hannah, Velicity Hegstrom, Finn Hurst, Brenden Lahart, Gavin Mattice, Chase Pearson, Bailey Wennihan, Danika Agnew, Lexi Brown, Dalton Hogue, Aiden Jimenez, Parker Livengood, Aubrey Sachs, Breanna Shaw, Curtis Smith, Matthew Vance, Brody Wennihan, and Delainee White.

5th grade band and choir: Robbie Armstrong, Hunter Blum, Makinzee Brion, Dylan Drummond, Emily Gebhards, Janae Harbin, Noah McCoy, Adrienne Phillips, Raelee Russell, Olivia Schaefer, Jacob Stanton, Isaac Vette, Kaydin Vogler, Bella Wallace, Darika Bywater, Jina Harbit, Jonas Hurst, Bresayda Jimenez, Kale Lekey, Zoe Madron, Rainy Nordhausen, Bo Peregrine, Britney Ritchie, Riley Sachs, Brayden Smith, Quin Staten, Carter Wennihan, Kennedy White, and Jaeka Wiley.

6th grade band: Flutes – Jillian Hannah and Alyson Wooten; Clarinets – Savannah Caldwell, Charley Caudill, Haylee Clark, Abbie Harms, and Madison Quattrocchi; Saxophones – Cameron Brooks, Kam-ryn Brown, Colton Hall, Luke Morey, and Teagen Wennihan; Trumpets – Sydnee Bruns, Brezie Bywater, and Lizzie Schlueter; Trombones – Levi Brown, Gabe Harms, and Jacob Shubkagel; Tuba – Owen DeRosier; and Percussion – Alex Erickson, River Dow, and Connor Morton.

6th grade cast: Santa Claus – River Dow; Captain Pirate – Gabe Harms; Yellow Beard – Abbie Harms; Brown Beard – Luke Morey; Green Beard – Alyson Wooten; Binocular Elf – Cameron Brooks; Practical Elf – Sydnee Bruns; Tiny Elf – Charley Caudill; Dreamer Elf – Haylee Clark; Skeptical Elf – Andrew Kirkpatrick; Sunnyside Elf – Savannah Caldwell; Defensive Elf – Cayden Gibson; Talkative Elf – Madison Quattrocchi; Black Beard – Owen DeRosier; Blue Beard – Teagen Wennihan; Red Beard – Lizzie Schlueter; Pink Beard – Jillian Hannah; Glee Elf – Levi Brown; Enthusiastic Elf – Brezie Bywater; Wishful Elf – Madison Caudill; Little Elf – Colton Hall; Teeny Elf – Kamryn Brown; Happy Elf – Alex Erickson; Appreciative Elf – Connor Morton; and Realistic Elf – Jacob Shubkagel.