Enjoying the TEC Club’s annual Christmas party December 11, 2018, were, from left to right: front row – Merylan Lowrey, Susan Braams, Deb Johnson, Martha Shaffer, and Margie O’Riley; and back row – Janell McQuinn, Norma Bradfield, Sharon Smith, Pam Cooper, Suzanne Southard and Karen Clark.

By Georgia Gilley

The TEC Club met Tuesday, December 11, 2018, at my home for the annual Christmas party. We host the substitute players at this party each year for without them we could not play. It was a bright sunny day and my hill was still snow covered, but that didn’t stop the fun. We managed to park all the cars on asphalt by doing some interesting parking patterns. These gals really know how to park.

My kitchen turned into a fabulous cafeteria offering brisket, noodles, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, and four kinds of salads. The luncheon chatter turned to experiences we have had with our automobiles. That brought laughter all around.

We had three tables for pitch so Susan Braams was in charge of explaining how losers and winners advanced or retreated. Suzanne Southard won high score, Norma Bradfield, second high, and Susan Braams, low. I imagine keeping everyone at the proper tables kept her occupied. She is also our official score keeper and monetary official doling out our quarters.

Then it was dessert and gift time. Merylan Lowrey had made a Christmas layer cake worthy of a TV show and had a pecan pie besides. After dessert the presents were passed out by Susan and I received a beautiful poinsettia plant. This supposedly by chance, but I suspect some collusion. Everyone left smiling and yelling MERRY CHRISTMAS as they prepared to slide down my snow-covered hill. We wish you a Merry Christmas too!