Sophomore Rachel Vogler moves the ball down the court.
Junior Gabe Minter takes the ball to the net for 2 points, scoring a total of 10 points for the Jays during their game against West Nodaway. 
Lydia Masonbrink works to keep the ball in play during the Lady Jays’ game against the Rockets.

Sophomore Mackenzie Lager jumps to make the shot, putting two points on the board for the Lady Jays against the Rockets. 
Freshman Holden Farmer scored 19 points for the Jays during the game against the Rockets.
Junior Ethan Brumbaugh goes in for a lay-up against the West Nodaway Rockets on Tuesday, December 18, 2018. Brumbaugh led the team in points at 24 during the match up.