Submitted by Tim Baker, Extension Professional & Horticulture Specialist

Every year, Extension agricultural specialists in the Northwest Region conduct meetings that we call “Ag Updates.” These are held in almost all of the counties in our region.

The idea behind these meetings is to provide another place for pesticide applicators to obtain or renew their Private Applicator’s License. In addition, the agronomist will update the farmers on new research, insects, diseases, or anything else of interest. Likewise, specialists from the other disciplines of our ag team (livestock, agriculture business, horticulture, and ag engineering) may give updates as well.

If you want to obtain or renew your private pesticide applicator’s license, you must own a copy of the book, “Private Pesticide Applicator Reference Manual.” The book costs $12, and is available from University of Missouri Extension. The book will be available for sale at the Ag Update meetings. If you already own a copy, you must bring it to the meeting and show it when renewing your license. Our agronomist cannot sign your application without seeing your book in hand.

At the time of this writing, the schedules for all the meetings have not been finalized, although many have been. But I wanted to call these meetings to your attention, so you can be watching for one in your county. Ag Updates are held from January into early March.

Be sure to call the local MU Extension Center in the county that you choose to visit, for additional information.