The City of Fairfax Board of Aldermen met December 17, 2018. The meeting was called to order by Ryan Kingery, Mayor, at 6:40 p.m. Roll was taken. Those in attendance were: aldermen Kristi Duering, Beth Graves, Michael Oswald, and Tabitha Wintz; Mayor Ryan Kingery; Water Superintendent John Brown; City Clerk Kristy McDonald; and Treasurer Danny Kemerling.

The tentative agenda was approved, as well as the regular minutes of November 19, 2018, and accounts payable.

The 2019 budget was presented to the council again and it was decided that there were no changes that needed to be made. Bill #2018-06 titled “A resolution of the city of Fairfax, Missouri, approving and adopting the annual budget for the fiscal year January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019” was presented and read by title by Mayor Kingery. The board voted to approve Bill #2018-06. Bill #2018-06 assigned resolution #2018-1551.

Staff Reports

Danny Kemerling presented his treasurer’s report which showed that all accounts are in balance.

Kristy McDonald presented the council with an auditor’s bid from Accounting Solutions. After reviewing the bid and a brief discussion, the aldermen voted to accept the bid from Accounting Solutions. She also reported that the LMI surveys have been mailed out. The city needs to have at least 220 surveys returned to the Northwest Missouri Regional Council of Governments. So far there have been 67. The city council urges all Fairfax residents to return the survey so they can apply for the grant to help with road improvements.

Election filing is open until January 15 for two alderman at large positions. Filing packets can be picked up at City Hall.

John Brown informed the council that he and Steve will be attending a class at the community room on January 24. The one-day class will count as credit towards their water, sewer, and distribution li-cen-sing. They will be installing a new water meter this week for the new shop at Denny and 4th. The air compressor at the shop will need replaced to be in the near future. The price for the new compressor will be under the allowed costs.

There was discussion again regarding finding someone to fill the position of representative for the city at the wholesale water commission meetings next year. The decision was made that John will be primary representative and Kristy, City Clerk, will be a fill-in when John can’t make the meetings.

Beth Graves moved to go into closed session at 6:30 p.m. for discussion of personnel and personally identifiable information as provided by RSMo 610.021(1,3,13). Mike Oswald seconded. The motion passed unanimously. The meeting came back to open session at 7:57 pm.

The next meeting is January 16, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 p.m.