January 7, 1944

The Ritz Cafe, which has been under the management of Mrs. Barney Broton for a number of months, has reverted to the former ownership, Mrs. Vernon Wood having resumed operation of the business on Wednesday of this week. The deal was closed the first of the week. Mrs. Wood will continue operation of the Hiway Cafe, with Miss Tommy Jennings in charge of that business.

Herman Baker, mechanic at the Wright Motor Co., has purchased from Mrs. Alice Underwood her residence property adjoining the garage where he is employed, and he and his family moved to their new home the first of the week. Mrs. Underwood recently bought and moved to a residence on East Mill Street.

January 9, 1969

Kenneth J. Lane, 37, Langdon, escaped injury as a county bridge collapsed as he drove his 2 1/2 ton International truck, loaded with 310 bushels of white corn, over it January 4 at 9:40 a.m. The eight foot center span of the 120 foot bridge gave away just as Lane reached the far side of the bridge dropping the back of the truck in Rock Creek and dumping the corn on the frozen creek bed. The bridge is located about 1 1/2 miles south of Langdon and is owned by Atchison County. The truck fell about 16 feet. Lane estimated the damage about $2,000. About 270 bushels of corn were salvaged.

January 6, 1994

The Blue Jay girls’ basketball team played well in the LeBlond Holiday Tournament and came away with a second place trophy. The Jays’ first opponent was Lathrop, which the Jays handled with ease, beating them 72-23. East Buchanan gave the Jays a little closer game with the Jays winning 63-52. The championship game saw the Jays take control and dominate the game, leading at halftime. Mandy Runkles  led the Jays with 28 points followed by Patti Gubser with 13. LeBlond sent the Jays to the foul line 32 times and the Jays cashed in for only 14 points. The Jays, on the other hand, sent LeBlond to the free throw line only 14 times yielding 8 points. The final score of 61-60 with LeBlond winning was a tough loss.