Members of  the 2019 Rock Port Wrestling Homecoming Court (pictured above, left to right) were: 7th Grade Attendants – Paycee Holmes, daughter of Tanner and Sonya Holmes, and Cade Makings, son of Shawn and Debbie Makings; 9th Grade Attendants – Aubrey Watkins, daughter of Jason and Sarah Watkins, and Colten Stevens, son of Todd and Tricia Stevens; 11th Grade Attendant – Ashleigh King, daughter of Todd and Lee Ann King; Homecoming King Ethan Wood, son of Kaven and Jennifer Wood; Homecoming Queen Ashley Cue, daughter of Kevin and Jolene Cue; 10th Grade Attendant – Brianna Maxwell, daughter of Richie and Rachelle Boyd, escorted by Austin Wallace;  8th Grade Attendants – Tarika Patel, daughter of Bakul and Arpita Patel, and Caleb Lucas, son of  Jon and Kristen Lucas. Crownbearers were Kipton Waigand, son of Steve and Tabitha Waigand, and Deveni Barth, daughter of  John Barth. (Not pictured are: 10th Grade Attendant – Colby Lansdown, son of Lance and Tami Lansdown; 11th Grade Attendant – Caleb Greene, son of Aaron and Nikki Greene.)


The 2019 Rock Port Wrestling Homecoming King and Queen were Ethan Wood and Ashley Cue.

Parents honored during Senior Parents’ Night on January 15 were Jennifer and Kaven Wood and their son, Ethan Wood.

Rock Port High School held its Parents’ Night and Homecoming on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

Ashley Cue was crowned Homecoming Queen and Ethan Wood was crowned Homecoming King. Ethan and his parents, Kaven and Jennifer Wood, were also recognized during the Senior Night recognition.

The Rock Port Blue Jays hosted a wrestling quad meet with Albany, HTRS, and Falls City that evening.

Individual results of Rock Port (RP) vs. Albany (A) are:

113: Ethan Wood (RP) over Nate Doolittle (A) (Fall 0:00); 132: Gabriel Abbott (RP) over (A) (For.); 160: Colten Stevens (RP) over Trey Cooper (A) (Fall 0:57); 220: Austin Wallace (RP) over Seth Greenwell (A) (Fall 0:58). Rock Port won dual on criteria 1.0.

Individual results of Rock Port (RP) vs.  Falls City (FC) are:

106: Ethan Wood (RP) over Ray Feek (FC) (Fall 1:14); 132: Gabriel Abbott (RP) over Jace Heckenlively (FC) (Dec. 11-9); 160: Kyle Black (FC) over Colten Stevens (RP) (MD 16-6); 220: Austin Wallace (RP) over (FC) (For.)

Individual results of Rock Port (RP) vs. HTRS are:

106: Ethan Wood (RP) over (HTRS) (For.); 132: Gabriel Abbott (RP) over Caleb Werman (HTRS) (Fall 0:44); 160: Colten Stevens (RP) over Quirin Stecher (HTRS) (Fall 3:22); 220: Austin Wallace (RP) over (HTRS) (For.).