February 3, 1994

• Community Hospital employees bestowed the honor of being Community Hospital’s “Employee of the Year – 1993” to Mrs. Dorothy Harrington of Fairfax. Mrs. Harrington has served as a Nurse’s Aide or Nursing Assistant since 1969. She has been very devoted to her job and the patients she has served.

• Community Hospital of Fairfax has recently assumed the management of James K. Hunter, Jr., M.D.’s practice in Fairfax. The change became official January 26 when the clinic was certified by state and federal government agencies as a Rural Health Clinic.

January 30, 1969

• John Ball and H.B. and H.Q. Gomel have recently been recognized for top yields in Atchison County by a seed company. John Ball’s yield of 159 bushels per acre topped all entries in the non-irrigated corn division and the Gomel yield of 121 bushels per acre lead the field in the non-irrigated sorghum division.

• A snowstorm over the weekend and freezing rain Monday brought a halt to most school activity over a wide area of Northwest Missouri and Southwest Iowa. Fairfax was one of a few schools which held classes Monday, but they along with most others as far south as St. Joseph, called off classes Tuesday, as the freezing rain Monday night glazed all streets and highways.

February 4, 1944

• Electric storms in January are the exception in Missouri, but there was a considerable display of lightning Wednesday evening of last week. At that time, a bolt struck the Harry K. Bunney home, coming into the house on an electric wire, tore off some weather boards, knocked off plastering in two rooms and put two light switches out of commission. The wallpaper around one of the ceiling lights was smoked up and a small radio damaged. Luckily the lightning did not cause a fire.