Best chili in town!

The United Methodist Church in Tarkio hosted its annual Chili/Soup Cook-Off and Pie Bake-Off Sunday evening, February 10, 2019. Sonya Sue Turner’s chili was named the best of the best. There was a three-way tie for 2nd place between Julie Sanders, Kim Herrick, and Diane Hicks. Will Johnson claimed third place. (Photos submitted by the Johnsons)

Delicious soups declared winners

Super soup contest winners in the Chili/Soup Cook-Off and Pie Bake-Off included: 1st place – Becky Jones, left; 2nd place – Rachel Graves, middle; and 3rd place – Mike Shaw, right.

Best fruit pie

A pie bake-off replaced the Cinnamon Roll/Sticky  Bun Throw-Down. Craig Martin and Sid Cooper tied for 1st place in the new fruit pie category. Becky Jones and Willow Wright, Blair Broermann, and Debbie Beckman tied for 2nd place, and Diane Hicks claimed third place.

Best cream pie

Will Johnson claimed 1st place honors in the Best Cream Pie category at the United Methodist Church in Tarkio. Sid Cooper won 2nd place, and Rachel Graves, 3rd place.