February 17, 1994

• A new sound came from the Tarkio Presbyterian Church’s doors Sunday evening, February 13. Close to 100 young people (and the young at heart) attended a Christian rock concert featuring the group “We 3” of Oregon, Missouri. The group brought a fresh and contemporary approach to the Christian message – interspersing song with commentary, prompting both laughter and serious though. Members of the group include James Dudeck, Wendel Wright, and Mark Dudeck.

February 13, 1969

• Over 250 Tarkio College students and townspeople jammed the Mule Barn Theatre Friday night to view Tarkio’s First Film Festival. Twelve films, made by the 36 members of the January Interim Course of Modern Media in Communication formed the program. All of the films were graded by six judges and 10 awards, termed “Owl-scars,” were presented for various categories in ceremonies at the conclusion of the program.

February 18, 1944

• Poor visibility caused by snow and low ceiling forced a small Cessna plane to land on the local airport Sunday evening. Three CAA flight instructors from Kansas City were the passengers. The plane was put in the Tarkio hangar and the men had to continue to their destination via the rail.

• Three Marine lieutenants in the South Pacific sent a V-mail message to a Tarkio Miss informing her that they had selected her as their pin-up girl. “For some time we three have tried to decide on a pin-up girl for our humble little abode here on our South Pacific Isle . . . Recently the November 12th issue of the Tarkio Avalanche wandered into the hut and on the front page was the answer to our prayers. Our decision was simultaneous and spoken in one short sentence. ‘That’s her, our pin-up girl.’ Please accept our congratulations on your being elected football queen.” Oh yes! In case the reader hasn’t already recognized the lucky girl, she is Miss Betty Cooper, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Cooper.

• J.L. Bay and workers razed the old Farmers store building on Main Street this week by pulling the walls down. Further work will be necessary to clean up the brick and erect a barrier. The property belongs to Tootle-Campbell of St. Joseph.