February 24, 1994

• DeWayne Johnson of Fairfax is retiring from the postal service after 29 years of service. He will retire February 28, 1994. On July 9, 1966, he began his first postal duties as a substitute clerk, under Postmaster Doyne Swan.

• “Over the Backfence” by Nancy Gaines: “An old landmark burned to the ground this past week. The former home of Minnie Vaught was burned by the new owners. The home was destroyed by floodwaters last year and Minnie sought residency elsewhere in Fairfax. The old black smoke really rolled!”

February 20, 1969

• The occasion of their 69th wedding anniversary was marked by a family gathering at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Gray near Craig Sunday afternoon. The couple was married February 18, 1900. Mrs. Gray, the former Maude Davis, celebrated her 91st birthday in November and Mr. Gray will be 91 in August. They had 10 children and among their descendants they count 27 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, and seven great-great grandchildren.

• Mrs. Richard Pearce received an Honorary Recognition Certificate Monday from Postmaster Doyne Swan in commemoration of more than 27 years of service to the United States Government. Mrs. Pearce retired the first part of the month.

February 25, 1944

• This week Mr. and Mrs. Jim Miller received from their son, Pfc. William T. Miller and wife in England, a portion of their wedding cake. The portion received was the top tier of the original three-tier cake. Despite the long journey the cake arrived in almost perfect condition. As yet it has not been sampled, but after all relatives and close friends have seen it, Mr. and Mrs. Miller anticipate a real treat in eating the cake that has come such a long distance.