March 17, 1944

• What may have been a bad fire was averted Tuesday night by the timely arrival home of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jorgensen, who had been to Maryville to see her father, a patient in a hospital there. Before leaving home, Mrs. Jorgensen had been using an electric iron, and must have neglected to turn off the heat. The iron was on an ironing board and had burned a hole through the board, dropped to the floor and had burned a hole in the floor when discovered. At that time some of the charred wood was about to burst into flames. The house was full of smoke, but fortunately the damage was not great.

March 13, 1969

• One week from Friday, March 21, area basketball fans will be treated to a show of comedy basketball, when the senior class of Fairfax High School will sponsor the Harlem All-Stars. These funmakers of basketball feature The Golden Goose, Jr., son of the greatest showman in history. The Harlem All-Stars will play a team composed of area coaches including Gabe Shineman, Tony Gaines, Maurice Heitman, Bill Andrews, David Palmeiro, Woody Aeschliman, Louis Schafer, John Jackson, Franklin Smith, Glenn Bargman, and Jerre Holloway.

March 17, 1994

• A career day was held at Fairfax School for 7th-12th graders. Career booths available were the Marines, teachers, factories, cosmetology, and food industry.

• Muriel Leach celebrated her 92nd birthday Monday, March 14. Sunday, a group from the Sharp’s Grove Church went up to the Bethesda Nursing Home in Tarkio where Muriel is a resident and had dinner with her to help her celebrate her birthday.