WHEREAS, on behalf of the City of Rock Port, we wish to record our deep sorrow over the passing of Jerry W. Perry; and

WHEREAS, Jerry W. Perry faithfully served our Board of Public Works from 1976 – 2014; and

WHEREAS, during his employment with the Board of Public Works Jerry served as a Light Plant Operator, Water Plant Operator, and Water System Operator; and

WHEREAS, Jerry earned multiple water licenses from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources; and

WHEREAS, Jerry W. Perry set a standard for commitment to public service throughout his career and gave much to the community in terms of his leadership and talents: and

NOW, THEREFORE, the City of Rock Port in recognition of Jerry W. Perry’s many contributions to our city and its citizens, we hereby express our deep appreciation for his service to our community and extend to his family our sincere sympathy upon his passing.

Chris Chamberlain, Mayor