The flooding and damage were discussed by those gathered at Dusty Trail March 21. Pictured above (left to right) are Secretary of Agriculture Chris Chinn, Representative Allen Andrews, Congressman Sam Graves, Governor Mike Parson, Presiding Commissioner Curtis Livengood, and Ryan Ottmann.

On March 21, 2019, Missouri Governor Mike Parson declared a state of emergency in Missouri in response to worsening conditions along the Missouri and Mississippi River systems as a result of release from upstream reservoirs, snow melt and excessive rainfall. Governor Parson also activated the Missouri State Emergency Operations Plan, which allows state agencies to coordinate directly with local jurisdictions. The Governor signed Executive Order 19-05 making the emergency declaration official.

Fox 4 News from Kansas City traveled to Rock Port Thursday, March 21. On one of their first stops they went to the United Methodist Church where they interviewed several local farm families who have been affected by the flood.

Governor Mike Parson flew to Tarkio Memorial Airport on Thursday, March 21, to observe the recent flooding and damage in the Northwest Missouri area. Governor Parson arrived at Dusty Trail for a meeting with Atchison and Holt County Commissioners and Clerks, along with both levee boards. U. S. Congressman Sam Graves and Representative Allen Andrews accompanied the governor to this meeting. Presiding Commissioner Curtis Livengood and Atchison County Levee Board President Ryan Ottmann both were able to show the governor the main areas in the levee system that had been breached. Ryan also expressed concern with the master manual not allowing the creation of an exit breach in the levee or being able to make temporary repairs to the system. Governor Parson listened to Holt County Commissioners as they were able to show the major issues affecting Holt County with the flooding. The governor introduced his staff and the Secretary of Agriculture, Chris Chinn, who were also along to see firsthand how many acres of farm ground were under water. The meeting concluded with the officials speaking to a few land and business owners who had been affected.

Many Watson residents have started the clean up process, but they still have water to contend with as it is still running over the road leading to Watson. This picture was taken Tuesday morning, March 26.

Debris collects on US Hwy. 136 just west of Trail’s End as the water starts to recede.

Undoubtedly this guy has a real purpose in life. Sheriff Dennis Martin snapped this picture at the 123.6 mile marker of I-29.

#ACisAwesome, especially in times of crisis. This county is populated by amazingly generous individuals who stop at nothing to help our people in need. While you are donating to the wonderful organizations that are collecting funds and needed items for flood relief, don’t forget about our local businesses, especially those that are working through loss of customer traffic and working hard to stay afloat. Choose to support all Atchison County businesses like you never have before. We are all in this together. #ShopAC!


The town of

Watson, Missouri,

is under

a boil order until further notice.