Wyatt Burke, a Fairfax junior, job shadowed at Hy-Vee in Tarkio on Friday, March 22, 2019. He helped stock the shelves, including the frozen food freezers.

Rock Port junior Alex Dewhirst, left, job shadowed with Lori Seymour, right, at the Midwest Data Center Smart Store in Tarkio on Friday, March 22. Alex learned about all the Smart Store has to offer and the number of services provided through Midwest Data Center.

Rock Port junior Brooklyn Jakub works on a floral arrangement at EM’s Emporium in Rock Port on Friday, March 22, as part of ACDC’s Job Shadowing Day 2019.

Fairfax student Milana Shcherbakova job shadowed at MDT Woodworks with owner Dana Tracy.

Jaycee Graves and Jake McEnaney, right, learned about animal care with Atchison County Veterinary Clinic veterinarian Dr. John Walter, left. They even went out to check on a sick ewe. Also pictured is Maggie the dog.

Each spring, Atchison County Development Corporation (ACDC) compiles a list of businesses that are willing to host an Atchison County junior for its countywide job shadowing event. One of the main components of ACDC’s career development programming, job shadowing is a way to get students out of their school (and community, in some cases) to interact with adults who show them what is possible right here in our county.

ACDC appreciates each of the 40 businesses that expressed a willingness to participate on Friday, March 22. The following businesses were matched with 55 juniors this year: Advanced Pork Systems, Atchison County Library, Atchison County Sheriff’s Office, Atchison County Veterinary Clinic, Atchison County Wholesale Water Commission, Atchison-Holt Electric Coop, Community Hospital-Fairfax, Ella&Grey, EM’s Emporium, Hurst Greenery, Hy-Vee, Kelly’s Welding, KJ’s Café, Ma & Pa Automotive, MDT Woodworks, Midwest Data Center, Midwest Data Smart Store, Minter Funeral Chapels, Murf’s Auto Supply, Northwest Missouri Living Center, Pleasant View Nursing Home, Rock Creek Wind Farm, and Stoner Drug.