Bruce Pyeatt and Logan Pyeatt are the second and third generations to own and operate Fertilizer Service Co. in Fairfax.

The first piece of application equipment from 1953 is a proud piece that welcomes all who turn into the lot at Fertilizer Service Co.

For many in Atchison County, farming is a way of life. And for many of those not farming, they are still involved in the farming industry in some way. For the Pyeatts of Fairfax, Missouri, it’s in a big way. Since 1953, beginning with Hayden Pyeatt, the family has owned and operated Fertilizer Service Co., providing custom fertilizer applications and fertilizer chemicals in dry, liquid, and anhydrous ammonia. Hayden passed down the love of his business to his son, Bruce, who took over in 1978. In 2012, it became a third-generation, family-owned company when Bruce’s son, Logan, took over.

Being a farming community, Atchison County farmers have kept the Pyeatts busy. Since 2012, the business has tripled. Three employees grew to 11, two machines went to eight, and the number of acres Fertilizer Service Co. applied skyrocketed. Situated on the north end of Fairfax, the facility and grounds expanded three years ago with a new, 6,000 square foot building that houses seed and chemical. In 2011, the company purchased 25 acres of farm ground directly behind the facility to make room for future expansion, and expand they did. They recently built a 4,800 square foot building to house wholesale chemical and cleared ground to make room to park more equipment. They also redid the inside offices with beautiful knotty pine walls and floors. From three dry spreaders, to five sprayers, and two tractors for custom anydrous, not to mention all the other pieces of equipment and buildings and supplies, the facility is quite a sight to see and a well-oiled, working machine. Those 11 employees keep things moving along smoothly and Logan and Bruce’s charm is evenly matched with their friendly dogs who run out to greet new faces that come to visit.

Though the recent flood has slowed business down a bit, it won’t take long for things to pick back up. In the meantime and for many years to come, this much-loved and appreciated family business remains an integral part of Atchison County’s farming community and successful economy.