East Atchison’s Kendal Straub placed 4th in the Tarkio Junior High Quad Triple Jump event with a jump of 19’6”.

David Shaw hands the baton to Cameron Oswald in the 4×200 Meter Relay in the Tarkio Jr. High Quad. EA finished 3rd in this race with a time of 1:57.71.

East Atchison’s Faith Anderson placed 1st in the High Jump with a height of 5′ in the Tarkio Jr. High Quad.

Running the 1600 Meter Run (girls and boys ran together) for Atchison County teams were Brecken Kelly, front (3rd, 6:21.04), Bannack Skillen, back right (4th, 6:27.15), and Brooklynn Wennihan, back left (1st, 7:09.73).

Paycee Holmes placed 5th in the Long Jump with a jump of 12’3″ at the Tarkio Junior High Quad Thursday, April 4.

Jaysa Welch placed 5th in the Discus Throw at the Tarkio Junior High Quad with a throw of 52’10”.

The East Atchison Junior High Track Teams hosted a quad meet with Rock Port, South Holt/Nodaway-Holt, and Northwest Nodaway Thursday, April 4, 2019, in Tarkio. The East Atchison Lady Wolves placed 1st with a team score of 84.50. The Rock Port Lady Blue Jays placed 2nd with a team score of 33.50. The Rock Port Blue Jays placed 1st with a team score of 50. The East Atchison Wolves placed 4th with a team score of 25. Individual stats for East Atchison and Rock Port follow (not all names were provided):


100 Meter Dash – 1st, Faith Anderson (EA), 13.83; 3rd, Keena Merriweather (EA), 14.98; 4th, Kierra McDonald (EA), 15.27; and 5th, Paycee Holmes (RP), 15.29

200 Meter Dash – 1st, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 29.55; 3rd, Claire Martin (EA), 31.99; and 5th, Paycee Holmes (RP), 34.04

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Faith Anderson (EA), 1:06.34; 2nd, Chainey Vogler (RP), 1:12.59; 4th, Rylee Jenkins (RP), 1:16.18; 8th, Kendal Straub (EA), 1:26.01; and 9th, Mariah Lawrence (RP), 1:48.15

800 Meter Run – 1st, Tommi Martin (EA), 2:46.38; 2nd, Keena Merriweather (EA), 2:55.33; and 6th, Jenasey Mace (RP), 3:40.13

1600 Meter Run – 1st, Brooklyn Wennihan (EA), 7:09.73

100 Meter Hurdles – 1st, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 18.50; 2nd, Faith Anderson (EA), 18.85; 3rd, Tarika Patel (RP), 20.09; and 5th, Paycee Holmes (RP), 20.91

4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, EA (Claire Martin, Tommi Martin, Kierra McDonald, Keena Merriweather), 1:00.38; 2nd, Rock Port (Mikayla Makings, Tarika Patel, Zoey Hurst, Jenasey Mace), 1:03.52; and 3rd, EA “B”, 1:04.09

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, RP (Mikayla Makings, Chaney Vogler, Rylee Jenkins, Kylie Nuckolls), 2:07.97

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, RP (Mikayla Makings, Chaney Vogler, Rylee Jenkins, Kylie Nuckolls), 5:05.34; and EA (Addison Noland, Dalaynie Drummond, Jersi Poppa, Emilee Caudill), 5:15.43

High Jump – 1st, Faith Anderson (EA), 5’0”; 2nd, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 4’10”; 3rd, Tarika Patel (RP), 4’6”; 4th, Jersi Poppa (EA), 4’4”; and 8th, Addison Noland (EA), 3’10”

Pole Vault – 1st, Kierra McDonald (EA), 6’; 2nd, Chaney Vogler (RP), 5’6”; and 3rd, Kelsea Kirwan (EA), 5’6”

Long Jump – 1st, Keena Merriweather (EA), 12’10.75”; 2nd, Tessa Rolf (EA), 12’7”; 4th, Tommi Martin (EA), 12’5.5”; 5th, Paycee Holmes (RP), 12’3”; 8th, Dalaynie Drummond (EA), 11’2”; 10th, Jenasey Mace (RP), 10’.5”; and 14th, Sara Newbanks (RP), 7’5.5”

Triple Jump – 1st, Tessa Rolf (EA), 27’10”; 2nd, Emilee Caudill (EA), 27’1”; and 4th, Kendal Straub, 19’6”

Shot Put – 1st, Mikayla Makings (RP), 31’7”; 4th, Emily Blum (EA), 27’6”; 5th, Zoey Hurst (RP), 26’3”; 8th, Jaysa Welch (RP), 22’1”; 9th, Jasey Smith (EA), 21’4.5”; 10th, Dylan Kemerling (RP), 20’2”; and 12th, Alex Barnett (EA), 19’9.5”

Discus Throw – 2nd, Zoey Hurst (RP), 59’9”; 3rd, Dylan Kemerling (RP), 59’1”; 5th, Jaysa Welch (RP), 52’10”; 6th, Rylee Jenkins (RP), 49’6”; 10th, Emily Blum (EA), 41’9”; 11th, Jasey Smith (EA), 40’3”; and 13th, Alex Barnett (EA), 36’5”


100 Meter Dash – 2nd, Tyler Cook (RP), 13.71; 3rd, Phillip Herron (RP), 13.75; 4th, Linkin Murry (EA), 13.90; and 10th, Trenton Kingery (EA), 16.32

200 Meter Dash – 2nd, Braden Graves (EA), 28.54; 8th, David Shaw (EA), 29.93; 9th, Brecken Kelly (RP), 31.24; and 12th, Cade Makings (RP), 33.76

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Micah Makings (RP), 1:04.19; and 6th, Trulin Pankau (RP), 1:07.40

800 Meter Run – 2nd, Caleb Lucas (RP), 2:37.28; 4th, Reed Miller (RP), 3:14.34; and 5th, Tanner Rollins (EA), 3:39.07

1600 Meter Run – 3rd, Brecken Kelly (RP), 6:21.04; and 4th, Bannack Skillen (RP), 6:27.15

100 Meter Hurdles – 2nd, Brecken Kelly (RP), 21.24; and 3rd, Reed Miller (RP), 22.84

4×100 Meter Relay – 1st, EA (Cameron Oswald, Linkin Murry, Daniel Lesher, Braden Graves), 56.22; 2nd, Rock Port (Caleb Lucas, Cade Makings, Jarrett Hunter, Tyler Cook), 1:01.19; and Rock Port “B”, 1:08.51

4×200 Meter Relay – 3rd, EA (Daniel Lesher, Braden Graves, David Shaw, Cameron Oswald), 1:57.71; and 4th, Rock Port (Trulin Pankau, Jarrett Hunter, Tyler Cook, Phillip Herron), 1:57.87

4×400 Meter Relay – 2nd, Rock Port (Trulin Pankau, Phillip Herron, Caleb Lucas, Micah Makings), 4:32.34; and 4th, EA (Cameron Oswald, Tanner Rollins, Daniel Lesher, David Shaw), 5:13.53

High Jump – 4th, David Shaw (EA), 4’; and 5th, Peyton Lager (RP), J4’

Pole Vault – 1st, Brecken Kelly (RP), 5’6”

Long Jump – 1st, Micah Makings (RP), 15’1”; 4th, Phillip Herron (RP), 13’10”; 5th, Linkin Murry (EA), 13’4.5”; and 11th, Daniel Lesher (EA), 11’3.5”

Triple Jump – 1st, Micah Makings (RP), 39’; and 2nd, Cameron Oswald (EA), 32’

Shot Put – 1st, Braden Graves (EA), 33’2”; 2nd, Jarrett Hunter (RP), 32’6”; 5th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 27’1”; 8th, Collin Hedlund (EA), 23’5”; 11th, Trenton Kingery (EA), 20’9”; 12th, Ryan Paris (RP), 20’7”; 13th, Ozey Hurst (RP), 19’7”; and 14th, Ty Kirkland (EA), 17’8”

Discus – 1st, Braden Graves (EA), 88’6”; 2nd, Jarrett Hunter (RP), 75’1”; 3rd, Collin Hedlund (EA), 72’11”; 5th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 70’1”; 9th, Cade Makings (RP), 50’9”; 10th, Ty Kirkland (EA), 50’2”; and 13th, Tanner Rollins (EA), 42’5”