The Fairfax High School band and choir students had a successful day at District Contest with their solos and small ensembles Saturday, March 30, 2019. The following students will be advancing to State Music Contest on April 25: Katy Baker, vocal solo;  Gena Mitchell, clarinet solo; and girls’ vocal ensemble (Katy Baker, Morgan O’Riley, Gena Mitchell, Jaelynn Hill, McKenzie Frohn, Shanna Gilpin and Milana Shcherbakova).

Those who earned II (outstanding) ratings include: Tony Skeen – vocal solo; Max Hopkins – vocal solo; Percussion 5 – Jesse Graves, Jaycee Graves, Kilea Cooper, Cody Frohn, and McKenzie Frohn; Stormie Wallace – clarinet solo; Shanna Gilpin – alto sax solo; and McKenzie Frohn – vocal solo.

Those who earned III ratings include: Jaelynn Hill – vocal solo; and Nick Hardisty – violin solo.