Nine truckloads of hay were donated in the last few days to local cattle farmers who were affected by the floods. The over 200 bales of hay were provided by Kansas and Oklahoma farmers wanting to help.

Craig Pringle, left, with PrairieLand Partners, LLC, of Kansas and Mike Krutz, right, of rural Fairfax, Missouri, helped organize the hay donations and transports, which were dropped off at Krutz Farms’ elevator south of Rock Port, Missouri.

Pictured are some of the drivers who hauled the hay to Rock Port on Monday, April 8.

The givers just keep giving! Local livestock farmers were happy to receive nine truckloads of hay in the last few days from a dozen Kansas and Oklahoma farmers who are paying it forward.

PrairieLand Partners, LLC, headquartered in Hutchinson, Kansas, wanted to help their fellow cattle farmers who were affected by the recent floods. It was decided that the company would find farmers willing to donate hay bales and the company itself would donate the trucking. The company asked their salesman, Craig Pringle of Winfield, Kansas, to help organize the hay donations. Craig contacted friends and clients to see if anyone would be willing to donate a few bales. A few bales quickly turned into over 200 from farmers more than willing to donate to flood victims in need.

Craig also contacted Mike Krutz of rural Fairfax, Missouri, through a mutual friend. Mike has been affected by the flood himself, having over three feet of water flood his rural Fairfax home for the first time since it was built in the late 1800s, and helped organize the hay drop in Rock Port. From Rulo, Nebraska, to Holt County and Atchison County, Missouri, to Percival, Iowa, he called local cattle farmers and asked if anyone was in need of hay. There were several. Any donations, especially something in such short supply like hay, is greatly appreciated. Five truckloads were delivered Monday afternoon, April 8, 2019, at the elevator south of Rock Port, owned by Krutz Farms (a sixth truckload is also planned).

The farmers who either donated the hay, trucking, or time driving on April 8 included: C&C Cattle (Charles and Tami Cooley and Kyle and Anna Cooley of Winfield) – trucking and hay; McClure Brothers of Douglas, Kansas (trucking) with Aaron Taylor (driver); PrairieLand Partners, LLC (trucking) with Brad and Misti Kroeker (drivers) and Heath Kroeker (driver); Pringle Farms (Craig and Megan Pringle of Winfield) – hay and trucking; as well as many others who graciously donated hay.

For Mike, he’s all too familiar with what farmers are going through. Besides dealing with water in his home he, like most farmers in the area, is also facing the loss of crops in fields and bins that are now unsalvageable and equipment damaged by the floodwaters. The impact is not a small one and will be felt for many years to come. So, that is why guys like Craig and the other Kansas and Oklahoma farmers are jumping at the chance to help. They’ve been there before. Not by floods but by catastrophic fires that ripped through the Great Plains in 2017. No matter the type of disaster, people from rural farming communities understand the hardships and come together in times of need. For locals, that time is now and the donations are welcomed with open arms.