Natalie Hedlund runs her leg of the 4×200 Relay in the Junior High Squaw Creek Relays.

Rock Port’s Phillip Herron takes the baton from Tyler Cook, followed by EA’s Linkin Murry and Cameron Oswald at the Junior High Squaw Creek Relays.

Tarika Patel runs the 100 Meter Hurdles in the Junior High Squaw Creek Relays.

Zoey Hurst is ready for the hand-off from Tarika Patel in the 4×100 Relay.

The East Atchison and Rock Port junior high track teams traveled to Mound City, Missouri, to compete in the Squaw Creek Relays April 8, 2019. Individual statistics for the Atchison County athletes follow (not all places and times were provided):


100 Meter Dash – 6th, Keena Merriweather (EA), 14.52; 10th, Paycee Holmes (RP), 15.27

200 Meter Dash – 2nd, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 28.91; 10th, Claire Martin (EA), 31.78; 14th, Paycee Holmes (RP), 33.06

400 Meter Dash – 1st, Chaney Vogler (RP), 1:10.25; 5th, Rylee Jenkins (RP), 1:11.42; 13th, Jersi Poppa (EA), 1:16.14

800 Meter Run – 1st, Tommi Martin (EA), 2:39.48; 5th, Keena Merriweather (EA), 2:53.87

100 Meter Hurdles – 2nd, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 17.89; 7th, Tarika Patel (RP), 20.40; 15th, Paycee Holmes (RP), 22.17

4×100 Meter Relay – 3rd, EA (Claire Martin, Tommi Martin, Kierra McDonald, Keena Merriweather), 58.88; 11th, RP (Mikayla Makings, Tarika Patel, Zoey Hurst, Jenasey Mace), 1:02.88

4×200 Meter Relay – 1st, RP (Mikayla Makings, Chaney Vogler, Rylee Jenkins, Kylie Nuckolls), 2:06.38; 4th, EA (Natalie Hedlund, Kierra McDonald, Dalaynie Drummond, Emilee Caudill), 2:09.90

4×400 Meter Relay – 1st, RP (Mikayla Makings, Chaney Vogler, Rylee Jenkins, Kylie Nuckolls), 4:55.89; 8th, EA (Addison Noland, Dalaynie Drummond, Jersi Poppa, Kendal Straub), 5:14.57

High Jump – 1st, Natalie Hedlund (EA), 4’10”; 3rd, Tarika Patel (RP), J4’4”

Pole Vault – 3rd (3-way tie), Kelsea Kirwan (EA) and Kierra McDonald (EA), 5’6”

Long Jump – 5th, Keena Merriweather (EA), 13’3.5”; 6th, Tessa Rolf (EA), 13’2”; 20th, Paycee Holmes (RP), 10’9.25”

Triple Jump – 3rd, Tessa Rolf (EA), 28’10.5”; 10th, Emilee Caudill (EA), 26’10”

Shot Put – 3rd, Mikayla Makings (RP), J31’5”; 8th, Emily Blum (EA), 28’4”; 9th, Zoey Hurst (RP), 27’9”; 20th, Jasey Smith (EA), 20’3.5”

Discus – 4th, Zoey Hurst (RP), 67’6”; 8th, Dylan Kemerling (RP), 58’1”; 15th, Emily Blum (EA), 44’11”; 16th, Alex Barnett (EA), 40’6”


100 Meter Dash – 15th, Phillip Herron (RP), 13.90; 17th, Linkin Murry (EA), 14.03; 18th, Tyler Cook (RP), 14.05; 20th, Trenton Kingery (EA), 16.77

200 Meter Dash – 9th, Micah Makings (RP), 28.67; 14th, Braden Graves (EA), 29.67; 15th, David Shaw (EA), 30.74; 21st, Cade Makings (RP), 34.81

400 Meter Dash – 2nd, Micah Makings (RP), 1:03.91; 6th, Trulin Pankau (RP), 1:05.72

800 Meter Run – 3rd, Caleb Lucas (RP), 2:33.94; 8th, Daniel Lesher (EA), 2:43.43

1600 Meter Run – 7th, Bannack Skillen (RP), 6:19.05

100 Meter Hurdles – 7th, Reed Miller (RP), 20.19

4×100 Meter Relay – 4th, EA (Cameron Oswald, Linkin Murry, Daniel Lesher, Braden Graves), 54.54; 9th, RP (Caleb Lucas, Cade Makings, Hunter Jarrett, Tyler Cook), 58.47

4×200 Meter Relay – 6th, EA (Daniel Lesher, Braden Graves, David Shaw, Cameron Oswald), 1:55.90; 7th, Trulin Pankau, Jarrett Hunter, Tyler Cook, Phillip Herron), 1:57.03

4×400 Meter Relay – 4th, RP (Trulin Pankau, Phillip Herron, Caleb Lucas, Brecken Kelly), 4:36.58

High Jump – 7th, Peyton Lager (RP), 4’4”; 9th, David Shaw (EA), 4’2”

Pole Vault – 3rd, Brecken Kelly (RP), J7’6”

Long Jump – 2nd, Micah Makings (RP), 15’9”; 7th, Phillip Herron (RP), 14’10”; 17th, Linkin Murry (EA), 12’11”; and 21st, Daniel Lesher (EA), 11’’3.5”

Triple Jump – 1st, Micah Makings (RP), 33’3”; 4th, Cameron Oswald (EA), 31’5”; 14th, Tanner Rollins (EA), 17’11”

Shot Put – 2nd, Jarrett Hunter (RP), 37’2”; 6th, Braden Graves (EA), 32’7.5”; 19th, Collin Hedlund (EA), 21’1”; 23rd, Ozey Hurst (RP), 18’8”

Discus Throw – 8th, Jarrett Hunter (RP), 89’5”; 10th, Braden Graves (EA), 86’11”; 15th, Collin Hedlund (EA), 72’1”; 16th, Brentyn Herron (RP), 69’10”