April 21, 1944

• At a meeting of the Fairfax Board of Education held Friday night of last week, S.K. Skelton was elected superintendent of the Fairfax public schools for the coming term. Mr. Skelton comes to Fairfax from Hatfield, Missouri, where he has been superintendent for the past two years.

• Wm. E. Booth this week purchased from W.S. Walker eight acres of land located just north of the tract of land owned by Mr. Booth inside the corporation limits in northeast Fairfax.

April 17, 1969

• Corning, Missouri, a community often plagued by floods and disaster, recently experienced some unexpected good fortune when an anonymous donor supplied a $500 fund for street repair. A member of the town board received a phone call inquiring if the town could use some funds for street work. The reply was in the affirmative. While shopping in Rock Port a few days later, the board member discovered an envelope containing the money on the seat of his car.

• A startling thud heard by Mrs. Larry Roop one day recently brought her to the back door to observe that an old cistern next to the house had caved in, concrete surface, pump and all. The awesome cavity it presented made her thankful that neither of her two young sons, who often used the platform as a play area, were involved in what might have been a sad experience.

April 21, 1994

• The Fairfax junior and senior banquet and prom “A Night in Paradise” was held Saturday night. Dusty Jones was named king and Heidi Heitman was named queen.

• In Over the Backfence by Nancy Gaines: “This weekend you could only hear the hum of lawn mowers. The yards look so nice and green after their first cutting . . . The squirrels are eating from the bird feeder, rabbits are on the ground sifting through the discarded bird seed, the martin birds are beginning to move in and Bob and Lyle Beck are hunting moles. It became too big a deal alone, so Bob got the pro to help out. To date: 0.”