April 21, 1944

Farmers along the Missouri River, with the aid of neighbors more favorably situated, Rock Port business men, and a number of high school boys worked hard the first of the week to strengthen and hold dikes along the river, to keep that uncertain and unruly stream from breaking through and covering hundreds of acres of bottom lands. The Rock Port siren was sounded twice Tuesday morning to summon help in the work and a number of persons from town responded to the call for help. The greatest threat appeared to be at the Ed Green place in Benton Township and at the Garfield Bailey farm southwest of Phelps City. While the river’s stage was not quite as high as last spring, when several days’ work was necessary to keep the river from breaking dikes and making inroads on farming lands, the threat has been apparent and dangerous.

April 24, 1969

Atchison County residents may be faced with the prospect of no ambulance service this year according to funeral directors of Atchison County who met with the judges of the county court April 17 and with the judges, mayors and fire chiefs on April 22. Funeral directors Jack Davis, Mike Minter, Greg Chamberlain and James and Barry Schooler informed the court and others that it will be impossible for the funeral directors to operate ambulance services in the future under the rulings of the federal government concerning wage and hour laws and transportation on interstate highways. A county service will have to be formed or each city will have to provide this type of service individually.

April 21, 1994

Jeffrey R. Elliot has accepted a call to pastor Rock Port Baptist Church, Rock Port, Missouri. Jeff and his wife, Karen, served most recently for three years as US-2 missionaries in north-central Nebraska. Elliott is a graduate of the University of Georgia and is currently seeking his Masters of Divinity through Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City. He and Karen have a daughter, Moriah, and are expecting a son in June. Present plans involve moving to Rock Port in July to assume full-time pastoral duties. During the interim, the Elliots will continue to live in Kansas City and spend weekends in Rock Port.