By Kay Gibson

Ah, yes, what a mess things have been for the past month. Most of the people are moved back into Watson except those who had too much water in their homes. Water was all around the village, in the village, but although some houses got saturated with water, thankfully, many did not get water inside their homes.

The Community Building and Fire House did have water in them, and many thanks to all those who have worked to help clean them up. The fire trucks are back inside and ready to roll if needed. Now the railroad has moved in. Their rock trucks are tearing up what is left of the streets. Oh, that the Corps of Engineers were that eager to fix the levees. No, you can’t get to the Watson boat dock. Water is not only standing in the road, it is steadily pouring across it.

Is it over? Who knows?

The Watson Quilters had been working on some quilts, some fleece throws (that were crocheted around the edges) to send to Quilts of Compassion. They deliver quilts to places that have tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods. Our compassion was close to home and we delivered four quilts and six fleece throws to Hamburg. Our hearts go out to Hamburg, who certainly gave it their all to save the town, and still are. Hamburg is strong and will rise again.