The Tarkio 5th and 6th grade bands, jr. high band and choir, and high school band, choir, and guitarists performed their Spring Concert Friday, May 3, 2019. An awards’ ceremony followed the music event.

Receiving the Outstanding Choral Award were Grace Martin and Gabby DeRosier.

The senior band and choir members were recognized at the spring concert. They include, from left to right, Jimi Elder, Jordan Heard, Skye Clark, Grace Martin, Gabby DeRosier, and Shaylee Sparks.

Shaylee Sparks received the Outstanding Band Award. She also received an award for having the highest points in band.

Jimi Elder and Grace Martin were recognized for being in band and choir all four years.

Gabby DeRosier was presented with an award for having the highest points in choir.

Grace Martin received the Overall Senior Musician Award.

The Tarkio Elementary, Junior High and High School band and choir students performed their spring concert for family and friends Friday, May 3, 2019, in the high school gym.

The junior high choir led things off with the “Lion King (Medley).” The junior high girls in the choir also performed “Tafta Hindi.” Choir members include: Faith Anderson, Alaina Armstrong, Alex Barnett, Nick Binau, Shelby Binau, Emily Blum, Connor Brown, Alexis Bywater, Caiden Caudill, Emilee Caudill, Tyler Donaldson, Dalaynie Drummond, Jozee Eaton, Camille Ellis, Alexis Gibler, Kiara Hines, Jacobi Hogue, Drew Johnson, Josie King, Kelsea Kirwan, Weston Klosek, Emmy Laur, Daniel Lesher, Kayden Levendahl, Claire Martin, Tommi Martin, Keena Merriweather, Hailey Morton, Linkin Murry, Addison Noland, Grace Peck, Jersi Poppa, Tessa Rolf, Tanner Rollins, Garret Rosenbohm, Slade Rosenbohm, Drew Sanders, David Shaw, Rylie Simmons, Ian Stepp, Emma Viets, and Brooklyn Wennihan.

The 5th grade band performed next with “When the Saints,” “Old McDonald Had a Band,” “Ode to Joy,” “Hard Rock Blues,” “Let’s Go Band!” (Go Big Red!). Band members include: flutes – Makinzee Brion, Dylan Drummond, and Bresayda Jimenez; clarinets – Robbie Armstrong, Hunter Blum, Kaydin Vogler, Darika Bywater, Zoe Madron, Kennedy White, and Jaeka Wiley; alto saxophones – Emily Gebhards, Janae Harbin, Raelee Russell, Jina Harbit, Rainy Nordhausen, and Riley Sachs; trumpets – Noah McCoy, Kale Lekey, Brayden Smith, Quin Staten, and Carter Wennihan; trombones – Jacob Stanton, Jonas Hurst, Britney Ritchie, Riley Sachs, Shaylee Sparks (cadet teacher); baritones – Olivia Schaefer and Bella Wallace; and percussion – Adrienne Phillips, Isaac Vette, and Bo Peregrine.

The 6th grade band played “America the Beautiful,” “La Cucaracha,” and “Theme from 1812 Overture.” Band members include: flutes – Jillian Hannah and Alyson Wooten; clarinets – Savannah Caldwell, Charley Caudill, Haylee Clark, Abbie Harms, and Madison Quattrocchi; saxophones – Kamryn Brown (tenor), Colton Hall, Luke Morey, and Teagen Wennihan; trumpets – Sydnee Bruns, Brezie Bywater, and Lizzie Schlueter; trombones – Levi Brown and Gabe Harms; tuba – Owen DeRosier; and percussion – Alex Erickson, River Dow, and Connor Morton.

The junior high finished out the first production with the band performing “Spania,” “Chester,” and “Runaround Sue.” Band members include: flutes – Dalaynie Drummond, Claire Martin, and Hailey Morton; clarinets – Alaina Armstrong, Emily Blum, Tommi Martin, Addison Noland, Grace Peck, Brooklyn Wennihan (bass clarinet); saxophones – Emmy Laur, Camille Ellis, Shaylee Sparks (cadet teacher); trumpets – Faith Anderson, Alex Barnett, Emilee Caudill, Jozee Eaton, Alexis Gibler, Jersi Poppa, and Tessa Rolf; trombones – Connor Brown and Tanner Rollins; and percussion – Alexis Bywater, Josie King, Daniel Lesher, and Ian Stepp.

Following the first concert, the high school musicians then took the floor for their production. The high school choir performed “Riversong,” “If I Knew You,” and “Don’t Stop Believin’” (featuring seniors Skye Clark, Gabby DeRosier, Jimi Elder, Jordan Heard, and Grace Martin). Choir members include: Jae Barnett, Hunter Bennett, Harley Caudill, Skye Clark, Gabby DeRosier, Madison Driskell, Titus Eaton, Jimi Elder, Raelynn Gish, Jaden Goodin, Devin Guajardo, Katie Hall, Jordan Heard, Dixie Hendrix, Jamie Hendrix, Keely Horton, Anna Klute, Riley Lekey, Grace Martin, Sophia Martin, Seth Morey, Autumn Murry, Stormy Nordhausen, Adam Phillips, Morgan Shaw, Brianna Smith, Amy Somerville, Lexi Somerville, Bryli Staten, and Kaytlin Young.

The high school guitarists then performed “Let It Be,” “Nowhere Man,” and “Friendly Star.” Guitar members include Jimi Elder, Jordan Heard, Jayce Navin, and Shaylee Sparks.

The high school band played “Ode to Joy” (featuring the seniors Jimi Elder, Jordyn Hogue, Grace Martin, and Shaylee Sparks), “Aztec Fire,” “Asian Folk Rhapsody,” and “Moana.” Band members include: clarinets – Harley Caudill, Jaden Goodin, and Sophia Martin; bass clarinet – Amy Somerville; alto saxophones – Jae Barnett, Matthew Driskell, Katie Hall, Grace Martin, Jesse Navin, Stormy Nordhausen, Morgan Parshall, and Shaylee Sparks; tenor saxophones – Brooke Lee, Anna Klute, and Bryli Staten; baritone saxophones – Mercedes Parshall and Morgan Shaw; French horn – Ella Rolf; trumpets – Alexis Brown, Jaden Clark, Devin Guajardo, and Aaron Schlueter; trombones – Haley Garrison and Jordyn Hogue; and percussion – Hunter Bennett, Titus Eaton, and Jimi Elder.

Following the musical performances, awards were handed out to the musicians for their accomplishments over the past year and honors were given to several outstanding senior musicians. The freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors received plaques and bars for their participation in band and choir. Grace Martin and Jimi Elder were recognized for their four years of dedication in band and choir. The High Points Choir Award was presented to Gabby DeRosier. The High Points Band Award was presented to Shaylee Sparks. The Outstanding Choral Award was presented to Gabby DeRo-sier and Grace Martin. The Outstanding Band Award was presented to Shaylee Sparks. Grace Martin was named the Overall Senior Musician.