The 5th Grade Beginning Band performed at Rock Port’s Spring Music Concert.

The 6th Grade Intermediate Band played two songs during the Spring Music Concert Monday, May 6.

The 7th & 8th Grade Junior High Band performed at the Spring Music Concert on Monday night.

Rock Port Junior High Chorus sang during the Spring Music Concert Monday night.

The Rock Port High School Chorus sang several numbers at the Spring Music Concert.

Miss Elisa Turner, student teacher, directs the Rock Port High School Band during the Spring Music Concert.

Senior Josie Watkins performed the song “I Hate Music” in both English and Italian from her State Music solo.

The Rock Port Music Department’s Spring Concert was held on Monday, May 6, 2019. Directors of the concert were Mrs. Abby Palmer and student teacher Elisa Turner. The choirs were accompanied by Richard Boettner.

The 5th Grade Beginning Band played “Symphony No. 9” by Beethoven, “See, the Conquering Hero Comes” by Handel, and “Riverside March” by Nowlin. The band members included: Flute – Skylar Stoner, Pooja Patel, and Isaiah Barbee; Clarinet – Daytona Paris and Ella Meyerkorth; Trumpet – Tayden Cook, Ryder Herron, Gabe Struthers, and Quentin Jackson; Trombone – Norah Watkins, Jadyn Lawrence, and Spencer Newbanks; Percussion – Emma Teten, Dylan Lair, Michael Pruett, and Declan McRaven.

The 6th Grade Intermediate Band played “Gregorian Chant and Ritual” by Nowlin and “Rain Dance” by Sorenson. Band members included: Flute – Lilly Pankau and Makaila Pruett; Clarinet – Stevie Pritt, Claire Spiegel, Addy Maifeld, and Avery Meyerkorth; Alto Saxophone – Jaymes Herron; Trumpet – Ryan Lucas, Hadleigh Jones, Jaylynn Garst, and Ryland Garst; Baritone – Brady Cox; Percussion – Arianna Shimmel, Jakobie Hays, Anden Cohn, and Kendan Melton.

The 7th and 8th Grade Junior High Band performed “Stone Mountain Overture” by Claude T. Smith, “Abandoned Treasure Hunt” by Rob Grice, and “Fire Dance” by David Shaffer. Band members include: Flute – Lily Smith, Tarika Patel, Anneliese Clauson, Alisha Lomax, and Abby Minino; Clarinet – Kylie Beasing and Mariah Lawrence; Alto Sax – Zoey Hurst; Tenor Sax – Clint Steffen; Trumpet – Phillip Herron, Taylor Pruett, and Ozey Hurst; Baritone – Jarrett Hunter; Tuba – Brentyn Herron; Percussion – Trulin Pankau, Ally Youngs, and Titan Schebaum.

The High School Concert Band performed “Queen In Concert” (soloist, Johnny Davis, alto sax) by Jay Bocook, “Shenandoah Valley” by John Kinyon, and “Foundry” by John Mackey. Band members include:  Flute – Emma Pankau, Scarlett Kish, Tori Jordan, and Jada Maifeld; Clarinet – Ayden Wilroy, Beth Davis, RyAnne Herron, and Shelby Duncan; Alto Sax – Rebekah Lucas and Johnny Davis; Tenor Sax – Harlee Pritt; Bari Sax – Remington Stoner; Trumpet – Jared Thomas, Fischer Tharp, Cody Davis, and Erika Elam; Trombone – Summer Greenwalt, Ashleigh King, and Ryder Proctor; Baritone – Max Jackson and Ethan Lucas; Tuba – Alivia Baucom; Percussion – Brett Gayler, Toby Rogers, Zach Clauson, Alexa VanSickle, and Gage Maxwell.

The 7th grade Chorus sang “The Defining Moment”  and “Just Be Happy,” both by Pink Zebra. Chorus members include:  Part 1 – Jaysa Welch, Paycee Holmes, Rylee Jenkins, Alisha Lomax, Jenasey Mace, Abigail Minino, Chaney Vogler, Aly Youngs, and Bannack Skillen; Part 2 – Dakota Evans, Brentyn Herron, Dylan Kemerling, Peyton Lager, Cade Makings, and Reed Miller.

The High School Chorus performed “Cangoma” by Lon Beery and Elisa Dekaney, and “We Won’t Stop Dreaming” and “Just Believe,” both by Pink Zebra. Chorus members include: Soprano – RyAnne Herron, Alexa VanSickle, CJ Minino-Meinders, and Shelby Duncan; Alto – Josie Watkins, Emma Pankau, Rebekah Lucas, Ashleigh King, and Summer Greenwalt; Baritone – Ashton Laing, Aaron Haltman, and Corwyn Herron, and Miss Turner.

Josie Watkins sang her State Music vocal solo, “O del mio dolce ardor” by Gluck, and “I Hate Music!” by Bernstein.